PC-Only Star Citizen Shatters $2 Million Crowd Funding Goal [Videos]

You may not know it, but we game hard here at GR. Well at least James’s cloned double does… While the real “us’es” remain tightly shackled to tattered desks deep in the dilapidated basements of our captors…er–I mean  “employers”–we live vicariously through “King James” (sounds better than ‘Cloned James’, which began to sound like ‘Cologned James’ and that’s just disturbing).

Among other things, KJ is a member of the PC Master Race of gamers. The Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 are great but they are bit long in the tooth. So currently our attention is laser-focused on a little interstellar project called Star Citizen. This is an open-world PC-only game development endeavor helmed by one of the most influential figures of the space sim genre on both PC and consoles. Chris Roberts, the father of popular space sims like Wing Commander, Privateer, Starlancer and Freelancer has returned to the stars with a game dev blueprint that is nothing short of insanely ambitious. So why is King James so excited? We think Chris can actually pull it off.

Apparently, so do 30,000 other folks, approx. In just a short couple of weeks, the project has used crowd funding on Kickstarter and it’s on website to tractor-beam in over $2 million dollars. A cool $500k was earned on Kickstarter in under a week (currently at $661,739) and another $1,514,504 has been reached on the company site. The Kickstarter still has 23 days to go with no sign of it slowing. The original launch date for the game set to 2014. Yet funds are flying in at the speed of light (maybe slightly less so). I wouldn’t be surprised if Chris and Co’ kicked things out a bit early. As is, financial backers of the project will get their reserved ships and some early flight time come sometime 2013.

[GR]bN8MZHT74sE[/GR] Squadron 42 Single Player Campaign Trailer 

One of the super cool aspects of Star Citizen is “Squadron 42”. This is the single player component of the game–a virtual tour of duty. Once completed you are free to choose your life and behavior among the stars as a fighter pilot, smuggler or more with all manner of ships and sizes for you to explore and develop. That second part of the game is online for you test your best piloting skills against and along side real-life pilots.

I had planned to list the lofty feature set and bump my gums a bit more on why you should care. Things like real-life physics, use of the CryEngine 3 game engine, working economy, use of the VR Oculus Rift and more! But I think the man himself can say it all much better than I can. Besides, a banana just hit me in the back of the head. I think King James wants his computer back.


This is a massive project with hours of info to digest. Some suggested light reading… Read up on what Roberts has to say about the physics being used, here. Then you can get your spaceship geekery on here with the Ship Plans!

Those cheeky Brits at RockPaperShotgun also have a massive interview with the man himself. Another must read!

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