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Ryder and the pups are bound for dangerous missions in this side scrolling adventure! This game reminisces on classics as Super Mario, but instead of coins we are rushing to find pup treats, and reach the leftmost part of each level by jumping across, using vehicles, and solving puzzles. The game was made simply with a 4 to 7 year old in mind, which are most fans of the show, and is easy to learn with a variety of levels to keep showing off their skills. If for any reason these games are too stale, feel free to check out super smash bros ultimate or
witcher 3 wild hunt in the best nintendo switch games. The game’s target audience would definitely tell you that it’s one of the best video games because kids simply love Paw Patrol.

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Why We Like It – Paw Patrol On a Roll Review

Paw Patrol on a Roll by Outright Games is a side scroller aimed for the young fans of the cartoon show. In this game, the players control and interact with their favorite rescue pups in search of pup treats, and completing rescue missions in the well known place of Adventure Bay. The end product is a fairly playable game with ridiculously easy controls that you guessed it, even a toddler can figure out. This video game is available on platforms such as the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and others.

  • Side Scroller
  • Educational
  • Simple Instructions
  • No Multiplayer


The game features on-screen instructions that show players how to play effectively throughout the game, in addition to Ryder constantly interjecting himself onto mini pop-up screens with instructions for the game. Aside from learning to jump and double jump, the most complex instructions for players will be to decide which button to press in relation to using a particular item to advance towards the end of the map. Aside from gameplay, one sure miss by Outright Games was not including multiplayer, which is a plus to almost all video games today.

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Visuals on the Paw Patrol on a Roll video game relates heavily to the show’s design, so no surprises here to see the bright palette of high contrast colors used in the game. Players get to play with all the pups from the show, using their particular skills to get through the map. There are few actions that you can do in the game. The movement is restricted to side scrolling, perfect for kids to adapt to.

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If you’re looking for an easy game that kids can play along to with minimal instruction, look no further this will be a good time for them or for anyone looking for some side scroller action. Paw Patrol on a Roll is a family friendly game where players collect pup treats, and complete rescue missions. Even when the levels are over, players might visit levels again if they didn’t find all the paw patrol medals in the game, and here we go again back in the midst of Adventure Bay.

Paw Patrol On a Roll Review Wrap Up

This side scroller is an enjoyable time for any fan of the show. While it may lack all multiplayer capabilities, it is a solid game focused on using minimal actions for anyone new to experiencing video games. It will surely be a treat for any fan of the show to spend some time collecting some pup treats, and unlocking any easter eggs in the game.

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