We all have bad habits we’d like to break. Gee, I have so many, I wouldn’t know where to start, but would have to say nail bitting it the worst. If you’re interested in another piece of tech that seems like it comes straight from the future, take a look at our Spider Glove (puts a dart launcher in your wrist) too. Every time I vow to quit, I end up chewing my nails a few days later. I seriously need the Pavlock device that is supposed to help you get rid of any bad habits for good! If one of your bad habits is cleanliness, you should also look at our page covering how the living cube maximizes space in tiny apartments. Or, you could also take a look at the Ring Clock is shockingly tough. Or, if you want to see another interesting piece of tech, take a look at the Hay Fever Hat: another bizarre Japenese gadget too.

Shock The Vices Out Of You


The Indiegogo campaign is a small device that will send small shocks to you whenever you engage in a bad habit you’d like to break. All you have to do is input whatever it is you’d like to stop doing into the accompanying app and then wear it. It takes inspiration from the work of Ivan Pavlov and his idea about classical conditioning. It gives you a small electric shock every time you don’t meet your goals, no matter what they are. So the thought behind it is that your brain will gradually begin to associate that negative stimulus with whatever bad action your perform. Over time, you’ll know you’ll get a shock if you do it, and your brain will instinctively feel inclined to stop doing that bad habit – all without the shock. Off the topic, if you really want to engineer something on your home counter, you’ll need a Glowforge, the laser engraver designed home-usage. Also, if you’re looking to transform your house into a cool mysterious home, one way to do it is by implementing one of these 15 secret doors disguised as bookshelves.

Easy To Use


You can use the app to enter any goal you’d like to make and a corresponding punishment.Right now there’s only three main areas the app focuses on: sleep, exercise and productivity. For example: the sleep function will wake you up in the am with small vibrations on your wrist. But if you hit the snooze button or its built-in accelerometer doesn’t detect you doing anything, you’ll get a shock. The exercise function allows you to enter the location of any gym and schedule for when you want to go. So if your phone doesn’t detect the geofence around the gym by the time you said you wanted to go, then  you’ll get a shock. For the productivity function, you enter what websites you want to avoid visiting and then if you don’t meet that, then zap (you have to use an accompanying Chrome plug-in for this one). The device itself is super small and can be worn on its wristband or clipped to your clothes. And if you love wearing tech stuff, take a look at our review on these 14 high tech gloves that will do more than just keep your fingers warm.

Not Just About Bad Behavior

Although it’s meant to shock you if you don’t don’t quiet your bad habit, it can also reward you for achieving your goals. To do so, it offers incentives so that if you meet your goals, it rewards you. If you achieve your exercise goal, you can win money that other uses have lost or even get cool gift cards from partners of Pavlock.

If you’d like to kick some nasty habits, the Indiegogo campaign is looking for pledges of $175+, with expected shipping June 2015.

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  1. They sometimes use acupuncture for smoke cessation and some hypnotherapist will send patients home will a rubber band around their wrist training them to pop themselves to relieve stress which is a trigger for smokers is their a bracelet for smoke cessation that can be used same as acupuncture or a rubber band. Is there an app for that one.

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