Patrona Debuts The Ultimate Smartphone Docking Device, Includes a Magnetic Wallet Backing


We use our smartphones everywhere, for everything. They give us directions. They serve as radios. They play back that YouTube clip of that guy taking a baseball to the crotch that’s just so funny. And they’re a pain in the ass to actually use properly for some of these purposes.

It’s not really the smartphone’s fault; it’s just tiny and it doesn’t have a good way of sticking to surfaces. Hence, a European company called Patrona has invented one. And it’s both clever in how simple it is and brilliant in how many problems it solves.

Patrona’s design can essentially be summed up in one word: Magnets. You stick a Patrona plate to the back of your phone, and yes, we know that makes your phone not perfectly pristine, but the trade-off is worth it. The plate and its connecting faces have a mechanical connector that lets you rotate the phone, and a magnetic connector to make sure everything sticks.


The result is a multipurpose, highly effective tool for getting your phone placed where it needs to be. The Kickstarter Patrona is currently running features both a stand for the home or office and a flat plate that can be adhered to, say, your dashboard, or your kitchen wall. In a nice creative touch, they’ve even included a wallet that can be stuck to the back of your phone with little complication.

Best of all? It’s a solution for all platforms, a rarity among the iPhone obsessed masses over on Kickstarter. OK, so it solves a first-world problem, to some degree. But it’s hard not to be impressed with how simply and elegantly they’ve solved it.


Currently, the Patrona Connector is on track to be shipped in September.

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