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PASOW 50pcs Cable Ties Reusable Fastening Review

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The Fastening Wire Organizer Cord Rope Holder from PASOW LLC are great tie wraps for computers, appliances, and various other electronic cables that you need help organizing. Just make sure these are indoor cables you’re tying as the PASOW ties might break if you’re using them outside. Check out our list of best cable ties for more great options! And, when you’re ready to upgrade your audio system, check out our list of the best home theater systems.

Why We Like It – PASOW 50pcs Cable Ties Reusable Fastening

The PASOW 50pcs Cable Ties Reusable Fastening are seven inches long which puts them at an average length and so can tie any and all wires you need tying. They are available in a multitude of colours which aids in their discreteness when bundling wires together, and come in a pack of 50 which is more than enough because they are reusable.

  • Great for Computer and Other Electronics
  • Velcro Strap Instead of Zip-Through Head
  • Reusable
  • No Tensile Strength Rating
  • Indoor Use Only


The PASOW Zip Ties Reusable Fastening Wire Organizer are reusable flexible durable and can be used to bind cords together for almost any situation. They are seven inches long and are great for computers, appliances, and various other electronic wires. Unfortunately they don’t have a tensile strength rating, but considering it doesn’t have a zip through head, we’re going to guess there’s isn’t much. It’s also not rated for outdoor use, so indoors is the place where you’ll have to get the most out of them. Check out the VELCRO Brand Reusable Fastening Organizing for a reusable zip tie you can also use outdoors.

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The PASOW Cable Ties are available in a variety of colours from black to white to green to red and even two options for a multi-colour pack. The tie will blend seamlessly in with a wire organized with the same colour. The ties are made from a flexible fabric material and, instead of having to zip through the head, you just have to attack one end of the velcro strap to the other. This makes it easier to unbind and reuse the ties on something else. Still, if you prefer classic zip ties try the TR Industrial TR88302 Multi Purpose Cable.


The PASOW 50pcs Cable Ties Reusable Fastening comes with 50 pieces of cable ties in a package. This may not seem like a lot, but remember that these are reusable cable ties, so fifty pieces should be more than enough. Like the Attmu Reusable Fastening Microfiber 6 Inch the PASOW are incredibly affordable, retailing for only $8.00 on Amazon. And despite being at budget-friendly prices, customer reviews are positive with 4.5/5 stars based on 9,001 customer reviews.

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PASOW 50pcs Cable Ties Reusable Fastening Wrap Up

The PASOW Cable Ties use a velcro strap instead of a zip-through head which makes it easier to untie and reuse should the need arise. But because of their flexible fabric material there’s no tensile strength to speak of so you’ll have to make sure you’re not using them to bind or hang things that are too heavy.

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