Partu HEPA Air Purifier Review

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Updated March 4, 2023
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The Partu Air Purifier is one of the most unique and top-rated air purifiers on the market. Unique because it includes features like a child lock and fragrance sponge, which are not normally seen. It comes at a price, though, such as a short filter life and not being Energy Star Certified. Our best air purifier under 100 can give you, even more, air purification information, so check it out!

Why We Like It – Partu HEPA Air Purifier

Partu HEPA Air Purifiers may not be as big of a brand name in air purifiers right now, but they will be if they keep making products like this. The people at Partu have added features to their air purifier that no other company has, such as a child lock and fragrance sponge, and have thus made a purifier that stands out from the rest. Although read our Airfree T800 review for a unique device that uses Thermodynamic TSS technology to clean the air. You can also check out our air purifier with HEPA vs UV comparison to see which is right for you. 

  • Child Lock
  • Cleans Air and Gives the Room a Nice Scent
  • O-Zone Free
  • No CADR Rating
  • Not Energy Star Certified
  • Short Filter Life


The Partu HEPA Air Purifier features a three-stage filtration system: a pre-filter, a true HEPA filter, and an activated carbon filter. You can also check out the Levoit Filtration Eliminators Vista 200 for another example of a three-stage filtration system. Although, not all Levoit humidifiers have 3-stage filtration, remember. But, it’s not a reusable filter for air purifiers like this, so if you want a washable filter, don’t get this unit.

All three systems work together to eliminate pet dander, smoke, pollen, odor, and many other air destroyers for superior air quality.  And while that is great, this unit is not Energy Star Certified, so you may pay more in the long run to operate it. If the running costs are a concern, check out our page on why buy an air purifier that’s energy efficient to learn more. The noise level ranks at 38-59 dB, which is pretty average and on par with the Partu BS-08, Partu’s other main air purifier. This isn’t the quietest air purifier, but it’s still tolerable. You may also want to check out our Oransi ov200 air purifier review if you want a purifier with 400 square foot coverage. Or, check out the sister model: Oransi Max, which covers 600 sq. ft.

Moreover, there are other models with 4- to 5-stage filtration levels, including the Pure Enrichment air purifier and the SilverOnyx air purifier.


One of the coolest things to review Partu Air Purifiers on is their child lock, a feature that isn’t included in other air purifiers. Press and hold the lock button for three seconds to avoid children or pet’s changing settings during their curiosity. The fan speed settings (there are three) are also located close to this lock button. I question this only because it would be easy for a child to hold a button down for three seconds to unlock it. It would have been better to place the lock button, or fan settings, somewhere else. Check out the Molekule air purifier if a child lock isn’t something you need. However, you should go through our Philips GoPure Compact 200 review if you want a sleek yet effective air purifier for your car. Also, you can learn the differences between an air purifier filter vs car filters, if you are curious.


Another cool feature to mention in this Partu Air Purifier review is the ability to add a drop of essential oils to the fragrance sponge. The unit will not only clean the air but leave it smelling fresh, fruity, or whatever fragrance you placed inside. This is a little different than how water air purifiers work. Additionally, you can check out our comparison of air purifier vs air scrubber to see the differences between these two types of air cleaning. The unit is ozone free, which is always a plus, and is rated to clean a room up to 107 square feet. Because it was made for small rooms, the GermGuardian AC4825 may be a better option if you’re in a room bigger than a home office or small bedroom. Additionally, if you suffer from coughing fits, you may want to check out an air purifier for a cough to help with the symptoms.

But, for small college rooms, you might be more interested in a leading air purifier for a dorm room instead.

Alternatively, if you’d prefer a smart device, then read our Honeywell HPA250B review.

Partu HEPA Air Purifier Wrap Up

It’s always great when a company decides to include features in a product you wouldn’t normally think of. It shows they are serious about trying to break into the market. Unfortunately, it has to come at a sacrifice, like a short filter life or incredibly small square foot coverage in the Partu HEPA Air Purifier’s case. Let’s hope they fix these, and retain their unique features, when they get a firmer foothold in the marketplace. But, for those who want to try an air purifier without a filter, there are options available.

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