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Parrot’s New Zikmu Solo by Starck Speaker

Parrot’s new Zikmu Solo by Starck Speaker builds on Parrot’s Zikmu platform to provide a single unit with a unique design that provides powerful, high quality sound that will fill any room. Designed with the help of some of the best audio experts around and designed by Philippe Starck, the Zikmu Solo is a sleek solution for your audio needs. In the new single unit, new speakers were used and the power is now doubled to 100 W RMS (its frequency range is 30 HZ-20 kHZ). The panel and woofer are now combined via exercising very specific control over all the electrodynamic elements and using a DSP (Digital Signal Processing) system and amps.

It features an iPod/iPhone dock up top, while there are SPDIF and Ethernet ports on the bottom. Treble and mid-range sound reproduced from NXT speakers that are located on the top part of the unit, while bass sounds are reproduced from the bottom of the speaker. There’s also built-in WiFi and Bluetooh, which allows it to be controlled by a companion Mac or Windows app if you don’t care for its remote control. There’s no official release date (however it’s said to drop before the end of 2012) or price yet, but the Zikmu Solo will come in either black, red, or white colors.

4 Comments to Parrot’s New Zikmu Solo by Starck Speaker

  1. Robert

    These are already being sold at a store in the Castro district of SF for $1799 a pair or each. They sound incredible but for that price I will have to pass.

    • Guest

      It’s not the same product than the one sold by pair ;)

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