Paracord Cable vs Bungee vs Wireless Mouse

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Updated November 28, 2022

If you’re looking for a premium computer mouse, you might wonder what’s better between paracord cable or mouse bungee vs. a wireless mouse. Top-tier gaming mice offer different types of mouse cables to minimize input lag. That said, modern wireless models offer great response times and unhindered mouse movement. So, stick around to settle the wireless gaming mouse with paracord vs. bungee vs. a wireless mouse debate.


  • Paracord mouse cables are smooth and flexible, which makes them great for casual gaming.
  • A mouse bungee features retractable springs and a cable holder to keep your mouse cables off of your desk, reducing drag.
  • Wireless mice are the most expensive, but they provide the best freedom of movement compared to paracord cables and mouse bungees.

Comparing wired vs. wireless mouse models is a longtime debate amongst PC gamers. Users need uninterrupted mouse movements and minimal cable drag in co-op and competitive game modes. After all, if you’re concerned about the 500 vs 1000 polling rate for a mouse, you may want a wired mouse.

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While a wired gaming mouse isn’t necessary for casual games, understanding the wireless vs. Bluetooth mouse discussion can help you find an ideal choice.

Paracord Cable vs Bungee vs Wireless Mouse

Whether you’re a hardcore gamer or a casual player, your mouse’s connection method and cable management can make a huge difference to your base game. The wrong mouse cable can disrupt your deskspace and create drag that slows your mouse movement.

Paracord mouse cables are durable, flexible, and easily glide across most mouse surfaces. You can add aftermarket paracord to most mouse models, but experts advise buying a pre-made model to save a bit of time.

A mouse bungee is a cable maintenance solution for wired mice. The glorious mouse bungee holds your mouse cable off of the desk, reducing drag on your mouse feet. Most models offer an adjustable spring height and a resistant spring arm for a near-wireless feel.

Free Movement

While paracord should move smoothly across most mouse surfaces, a mouse bungee offers a near-wireless feeling. The elevated spring arm lifts the mouse cord away from the desk, limiting mouse drag. That said, a wireless mouse should deliver more freedom of movement over paracord and resistant spring arm.


A wireless mouse should offer a cleaner desk aesthetic over wired options. That said, some users like how gaming mouse bungees and paracords look in a gaming setup. Ultimately, the best-looking option comes down to personal preference.


Unless you choose a cheap mouse bungee or wireless mouse, your cursor accuracy shouldn’t change between connection methods. That said, a wireless mouse will have more input lag than wired models, even if it’s a marginal difference.


Do not choose a cheap product when it comes to keyboards and mice because you will have to replace them sooner.

Lower Cost

A high-end wireless gaming mouse will cost more on average than a wired model. A decent paracord gaming mouse should cost less than a wireless model, but a mouse bungee is the cheapest upgrade compared to a paracord or wireless option.

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Paracord Cable vs. Bungee vs. Wireless Mouse FAQs

Is a wired connection better for PC gaming?

Wired mice are a better pick for high-performance competitive gamers. While modern wireless options perform well, a wired connection is better for fast inputs and high-sensitivity gaming.

Do mouse feet wear down?

Similar to tires on a car, your mouse feet wear down as they glide across your mouse pad. You should replace your mouse feet every six months for optimal performance.

Does my mouse pad surface make a difference?

There are two types of mouse pads: control and speed mouse pads. Experts recommend a lightweight mouse with a rougher mouse pad and a smooth, speed mouse pad for heavier mice. Control pads are best for cursor accuracy, but speed mouse pads are best for fast-paced games.
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