PANS Military Expandable Backpack Waterproof Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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The pans military expandable travel backpack is the optimal waterproof backpack meant to take on the most daring adventures. Hiking camping trekking and other outdoor activities will be a breeze thanks to the vast amount of storage available. You can store your tools, tactical weapons, laptop, and clothes anywhere within the four main compartments. This pans backpack is on our list for the Best Backpacks because of its durability and functionality.

Why We Like It – PANS Military Expandable Backpack Waterproof

The PANS Military Expandable Backpack Waterproof is a military backpack that provides enough space for clothes, tools, and some space for your water. This is the ideal backpack to take hunting hiking or even just to work. There are four main compartments in this tactical backpack to help you last a whole 3 days out in the wilderness.

  • Ideal for any kind of trip
  • Water resistant
  • Bulky design


This backpack is ideal for the toughest sports work, just like the PANS Large Military Travel Backpack, as they both provide you comfort and space for all your necessary tools. This is a multipurpose backpack that can be used at school, work, camping, hunting, or hiking. This backpack features a molle system that allows you to add more small pouches, and in the events that you require some more space, it is also expandable. The shoulder straps are comfortable for extended use, and there is also a chest belt that secures the backpack firmly to you. If a military grade backpack is not what you were looking for, a better suggestion is the North Face borealis backpack.


You can choose from a wide selection of colors to match your style. The molle system is a nice touch if you want to add more pouches for yourself. Another great feature is the water bladder pouch that will come in handy when you are out on a long hike. To find out more about another bag with a great feature is by reading the Powerbag Backpack Review. The PANS waterproof backpack is meant for the camping-hunting-hiking lifestyle, it may not be ideal for athletes, luckily there is the Nike Hayward 2.0 Backpack that is a simple backpack with enough room for athletic gear. The PANS backpack tactical waterproof feature makes this last through wet terrains.


If you purchase this backpack right now, you can take advantage of free shipping and save some money. This PANS backpack is not as expensive as you think a military grade backpack would be. For less than 50 dollars, you can purchase this backpack and ensure that you will be prepared for any outdoor trip you decide to take. This backpack is designed for men, so if any women are looking for something suited for them, consider checking out the Matein travel laptop backpack.

PANS Military Expandable Backpack Waterproof Wrap Up

The PANS military expandable backpack waterproof is an elite level backpack that makes room for your laptop, water bladder, tools, and clothes. This backpack fits all the necessary items to survive a three day journey. Thanks to the molle system, you can continue to add more pouches if you need to. While it may be a little bulky in design, it is the essential size for the tactical adventurer. Take advantage of free delivery and treat yourself to the PANS expandable travel backpack tactical waterproof outdoor for your next trip.