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PANS Large Military Travel Backpack Review

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From it’s tough demeanour, you can very easily tell that the PANS travel backpack is meant for outdoor activities like hunting hiking or trekking, but there are also some people that find it well suited for their day to day activities. The tactical backpack is generally a multipurpose bag that’s great for carrying a lot of stuff at once, and it comes with webbing for a MOLLE system attachment which allows you to add pouch and carry even more stuff. The military backpack has also got a lot of compartments to choose from, and being water resistant, it’ll make a great bag for use when boating. Get to the end of this review to see why we think it’s one of the best backpacks to use.

Why We Like It – PANS Large Military Travel Backpack

The PANS Large Military Travel bag is a perfect bag to get if you’re going to be moving around with a large luggage, and still want a whole lot of value for your money. This makes it stand out, making the backpack different from a lot of the others you’re going to find in the market.

  • Many different compartments
  • MOLLE Webbing System for attachments
  • Water resistant
  • Not completely waterproof


The PANS military backpack has a storage capacity of about 64 liters at its maximum, which is more than enough to carry up to three days worth of packing and supplies and a lot larger than that of the nike hayward 2.0 backpack. It’s got a main compartment that’s about 20 by 13 inches large, a front compartment that can hold essentials such as your phone or laptop, a middle compartment that’s got a mesh for keeping your notebook tablet in place and a mesh pocket on the side for holding your water bottle. On the rear of the outdoor backpack you’ll find a walkie talkie pouch, as well as a chest belt that helps evenly distribute the weight of the bag and make carrying it a little easier.


There’s a variety of both military based and solid colors that you can choose to have the PANS military backpack in. This makes it suitable to be used as a day travel backpack, as well as a good choice for soldiers in camo uniform. The bag itself weighs about 3.6 pounds (heavier than the matein travel laptop backpack) and measures about 15 by 13 by 21 inches. The bag is also designed to add different small pouch through its Molle system, and if not, you can put some name card or flag in front of the velcro to make it just a bit more personal to you. Now, if you want another type of bag that is suitable for both professional and hiking needs, go for the North Face Borealis Backpack Black.


The PANS backpack is made out of a high density fabric that makes it durable and water resistant like the north face borealis backpack, though not completely waterproof since water may pass through the zippers if you’re caught under a heavy downpour with the bag on your back. A much better bag for such conditions is the Pans Military Expandable Backpack Waterproof. So, if at all you’re thinking about buying this bag, one question you might have in your mind could be, is the backpack suitable for daily commute? The answer to this is yes, since incase items don’t really fill the bag, then you can use the buckles on both sides to compress it into a nice smaller size and hold front back a little so that it’s easier to carry.

PANS Large Military Travel Backpack Wrap Up

The PANS large military backpack tactical bag will last you a long time if you go for it, and it’ll be able to do a lot of stuff that most ordinary backpacks just can’t. You can get it with free shipping if you’re an Amazon Prime member and you order it along with something else, but this only applies in the United States.