Panoramic Wall Mounted Aquariums From Aqua Vista

Panaromic Aquarium

My roommate loves buying things to make our townhouse more pimpier.  Next on his list are these hellacious looking wall mounted aquariums from Aqua Vista.  Available in 20 and 25 gallon versions, the tank itself is 6 inches deep.  They don’t require much maintenance as they have an automatic feeder, filtration system, heater, air pump, light and touchscreen control panel.  Christ Burgers.


Acting like a wall mountable TV set, the price isn’t as high as I thought it would be at $995 for the 20 gallon and $1195 for the 25 gallon.  Available in different colors and sizes.  Check out the AquaVista site for more info.


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  1. i would like more information on the Panoramic Wall Mounted Aquariums From Aqua Vista 25 Gallon is it available thank you.

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