Panasonic Microwave Oven Review

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Updated August 15, 2022
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The Panasonic NN SD372S is a 950-watt countertop microwave oven that relies on inverter technology to have your meals cooked both faster and evenly, and also offers a wide range of cooking options to help take the guesswork out of cooking. With it, you won’t have to get bothered about the exact settings that you’ll need to get different types of food cooked, as it comes with a genius sensor that automatically detects the type of food you’ve put in it, and adjusts the power settings accordingly. This particular Panasonic microwave goes for about $230, and for what it has to offer, we think that this is very fair pricing. If you’ve been in the market looking for the best microwave, or the best built-in microwave for that matter, we have a feeling that you’ll really like what the SD372S has to offer.

Why We Like It – Panasonic Microwave Oven Review

As you’ll see in this Panasonic Microwave Oven review, the Panasonic NN SD372S is a top range countertop built-in microwave that is affordably priced, comes with a 1-year warranty, and has a decent 0.8 cubic feet capacity for its $230 price tag.

  • Uses Inverter technology
  • Comes with Keep Warm feature for food to stay heated for longer
  • Noiseless cooking
  • No support for convection cooking

Power & Performance

A lot of people use their microwave ovens for just boiling water and warming up leftovers, and there’s really nothing wrong with that. However, wouldn’t it be a lot better if you could use your microwave to cook meals? With the Panasonic NN SD372S, you’ll be able to do that thanks to inverter technology. This is simply a way of working where the microwave uses a continuous stream of controlled power, say 50% of its power capacity, to cook your food for about 10 minutes, as opposed to regular microwaves that tend to alternate between cycles of dishing out 100% power and no power to cook your food. It’s the same kind of technology used in higher-end countertop microwaves like the NN-SN97JS Panasonic Stainless Steel Microwave, and this results in more evened-out cooking.


As a microwave that’s made out of stainless steel, the Panasonic NN SD372S is sure to last a great deal of use before it lets you down. Its stainless steel finish also gives it a very nice and attractive look on top of your counter space, and with an 0.8 cubic foot capacity, it may be considerably smaller than the SD945S Panasonic Countertop Microwave, but it’ll cost you almost half as much as the SD945S to buy.

Ease of Use

If you want to be able to whip up something to eat as fast as possible, you’re probably going to enjoy using the one touch sensor cook and reheat functions on this countertop microwave. The microwave also includes a turbo defrost function that helps you thaw food much more efficiently, and like the SN686S Panasonic Microwave Ovens Countertop, it also comes with a genius sensor that’s able to detect the type of food you’re dealing with, and determine how much power to use. Check out the Samsung MG11H202CT  if you want a microwave oven that can grill too,

Additional Features & Versatility

One special feature that you’ll find with most Panasonic microwaves in this price range is the keep warm feature, where the microwave emanates low power to prevent your food from getting cold just after it’s done cooking, and before you take it out of the microwave.


Most people found that the biggest benefit of microwave cooking that’s done through inverter technology is probably the reduced cost that you’re going to notice on your electricity bill. Also, the SD372S microwave has close to 10 power levels that make cooking convenient, as well as 3 cooking stages that you can have your food go through.

Panasonic Microwave Oven Review Wrap Up

Even though Panasonic might not be among the top five manufacturers of countertop microwaves in the United States, it’s still a company that offers quality products. We can understand if you’re skeptical, but please try them out before writing them off.

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