Nubo: A Security Cam Ready to Beat the Competition

It’s hard wave an arm in the wireless world without hitting a mobile security cam, but new models keep coming. Panasonic and Vodafone, however, have launched a serious contender called Nubo that could be the cam to beat in 2015.

Nubo is, on the surface, another wireless security cam of the kind that has proliferated so readily in markets for cheap home and business security solutions that can be put almost anywhere – i.e., Dropcam, NetCam, Foscam, and many independent manufacturers. Some features are very familiar: There’s compatibility with your smartphone, so you can sync the cam and keep watch on your house from mobile devices. Cloud storage waits to back up a certain amount of video for later perusal or sharing. Sensors offer the ability to switch the cam on only when detecting movement.


However, the Nubo cam also sports more unique upgrades. It operates via 4G network capabilities, a rarity among current wireless cams. Its sensors come with adjustment capabilities so you can tone down the sensitivity if desired. It can work both inside and outside, which combined with 4G capabilities broadens the range of the cam considerably. There’s a two-way communication feature you can turn on to speak out of the cam and carry on a conversation with the person (or, potentially, the pet) on the other end. These features shape the security camera into a very competitive option, even in a market nearing saturation.

Also, with Panasonic and Vodafone behind the Nubo, it seems that the companies are focusing on a more international audience than the often U.S.-bound cam competitors, a move that could play sharply in their favor. The cam is hitting the UK and other European nations first, later on in 2015, then the U.S. in 2016. Much, however, will depend on price, but so far an MSRP has not been announced.

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