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Palazzo Sofa Bed Goes From A Couch To Bunk Beds In Less Than A Minute


Those who live in tight spaces know that saving space is the key to staying sane in such small areas. These small dwellings require furniture that does the duty of two, allowing its inhabitants the convenience of a larger space with less furniture. If you live in such a tiny house of urban apartment that’s low on space, then you need to get the Palazzo Sofa Bed from space-saving expert Resource Furniture, like now! Not only does it provide you with a comfy sofa, but it will transform into bunk beds in less than a minute. The bunk beds can easily accommodate kids or adults, turning your living room into a guest room in no time. And it’s simple to transform, too! No extra work is needed to convert the couch to the bunk beds; just pull our the beds from the couch.

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The multifunctional couch comes with neither low or high armrests and has wood-slated bed strings and removable mattresses. There’s also folding head boards and foot barriers for crazy sleepers. And it’s safe, too, featuring a locking mechanism and complete barrier around the top bunk so that its occupant won’t fall out during deep sleep. The entire system is fully upholstered and comes with a removable cover so that you can take it to the dry cleaners when it gets too dirty. And if you like to transform your space every so often, it comes with a wheel mechanism that allows you to easily move it.


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    can you please mention me the shop name where i can get the sofa bunk bed in lhr as well with the shop number

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