Many consider coffee to be the nectar of the Gods. It wakes you up, keeps you alert and the right coffee tastes great. The only problem is that making the perfect cup of coffee when traveling is hard.  And let’s face it when you are traveling you need good coffee to keep you going while your coffee maker is at home. Enter the Pakt Coffee Kit.  For your dinner needs, you may want to also consider the best pasta maker.

Pakt Coffee Kit - Have Coffee, Will Travel
An innovative coffee solution.

Perfect Coffee While On The Go

This kit includes everything you need to make barista-quality coffee in one compact and very portable package. You don’t have to sacrifice the quality of your coffee just because you are far from home and away from your coffee maker and grinder. You can take this kit anywhere and always have a good cup of coffee.

All of the components are designed to be durable enough to withstand the rigors of travel. This kit is able to be so compact thanks to the unique Russian nesting doll design.

Compact And Airline Friendly

All pieces fit into one another, making the entire thing no larger than a small thermos. So you can pack this pour over coffee maker into your luggage and it won’t take up much room at all. Pakt is airline friendly as well. You can either check it or carry it on.

The handheld electric kettle gives you more control than the typical gooseneck kettles used to make pour-over coffee, but more importantly, it takes up less space and serves the same function.

To make the perfect cup of coffee, all you need to do is fill the kettle up to the second line with water and push the button to start the heating process. Then set up the collapsible dripper and set it on the Pakt mug. Next, put in a filter and add your ground coffee. When the kettles powers off just pour the hot water over the coffee grounds. Then enjoy.

Easy Coffee Anywhere

It is a simple process that can be done anywhere. Because you need to have coffee wherever you are. Another added bonus to traveling with PAKT is that you are eliminating waste with every cup that you make yourself. There are fewer cardboard cups in the landfill thanks to Pakt. That’s a pretty great side effect of making your own drink. Your Cuisinart coffee machine can’t do all this. Neither can your Keurig.

If you have access to electricity and water, you can use your Pakt kit. Use it at home, hotels, Air BNB, the office, anywhere. The kit is made of high-grade materials and each kit is guaranteed to be free of manufacturing defects. The company will even repair or replace any Pakt Coffee Kit that is defective within the first 12 months of use.

Best coffee kit ever? I think it just may be. You can learn more here.

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