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The Pacsafe Wallet doesn’t come close to being one of the Best Cool Wallets, but it does incorporate several features that make the Best Travel Wallet what it is. For example, it has a fair bit of storage space due to its larger design. Open it up, and you’ll find over half a dozen card slots, a place for your passport and cash.

Why We Like It – Pacsafe Wallet

The Pacsafe Wallet boasts a fair amount of storage space, with an emphasis on functionality over fashion. To seal the deal, a zipper enclosure keeps your items stored away with RFID blocking technology.

  • Plenty of pockets to use
  • Anti theft RFID protection
  • Zipper enclosure
  • Isn’t aesthetically pleasing


What you’ll struggle to get past is how the Pacsafe Wallet looks. This is in no way a fashion statement of any kind; in fact, it will probably hinder the look of your outfit. Polyester designed in such a way is hardly ever good looking, though a modicum of effort was achieved with the stitching. Want style and equal functionality? Go with Mundi Wallets.


Polyester does have some favorable qualities. It’s stronger than cotton and less absorbent, so it has a natural defense against water, but it isn’t water-resistant. Unfortunately, that’s where its durability stops. If you’re going with fabric-based wallets, consider the more durable Kipling Wallet.


Durability, nor aesthetics hinder the Pacsafe Wallet’s performance when in the field. It can handle 8 debit/credit cards, a passport, change pouch, cash, and more. You’ll quickly gain access to any of the items you store, thanks to its file cabinet sorting style that allows you to flip through to what you need. There’s even RFID blocking technology to protect your cards from nearby data thieves.

Size & Versatility

The Pacsafe Wallet isn’t something you’ll be tucking away into your pocket. It’s far too big for that. This is because it measures 5.1 x 8.1 x 0.6 inches in size. You can either wrap the hoop around your wrist, carry it, or toss it into your overnight bag. If you’re looking for a wallet that forces you to be minimalistic, thenThe Gallery Seven Wallet will work great.


Despite being rather ugly, the Pacsafe Wallet still has a lot of value to offer. You get a healthy number of card slots and a plethora of space to use at your discretion. It’s relatively small, and a zipper enclosure will keep your stuff from falling. If you can look past its unappealing look, you’re getting great value here.

Pacsafe Wallet Wrap Up

The Pacsafe Wallet isn’t bad but is rather unsightly. Luckily, the way it looks doesn’t hinder its ability to hold cards, money, and passports. In fact, it speaks to its performance that its only real flaw is a lack of fashion sense. Look past that, and you’ll find a lot of space to utilize!

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