Pacsafe Wallet Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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To say the Pacsafe Wallet doesn’t fit in with Cool Wallets would be an understatement—but if we’re talking about the Best Travel Wallet, it’s going to be tough finding anything better. Are you visiting several countries in Europe? You’ll find its 13 card slot comes in handy, as does its ability to hold both European and American passports.

Why We Like It – Pacsafe Wallet

The Pacsafe Wallet is the ideal option for those looking to hit up a dozen different countries in Europe, due to its 13 card slots, hard-to-cut dyneema webbing strap, and the ability to fit passports from Europe and the US.

  • 13 card slots
  • Hard-to-cut dyneema webbing strap
  • Fits European & American passports
  • Unfashionable
  • Pricey


However, you’ll have to get past its rather unfashionable look. At first glance it looks almost leather-like, but it’s actually nylon. If this travel organizer were dangling from your wrist, it’s going to be the bane of your outfit. To avoid that, you might want Mundi Wallets.


That’s not to say the Pacsafe Wallet isn’t durable though; in fact, quite the contrary. While its nylon construction isn’t aesthetically pleasing, it’s still quite durable, more so than genuine leather would be. It even has a hard-to-cut dyneema webbing strap to keep would-be thieves from swiping your passport.


When in action, the Pacsafe Anti Theft RFID Blocking Travel Organizer is hard to topple. This is because it has 13 card slots to make use of. That allows you to handle credit cards from various countries. Most importantly, those cards are protected by an RFID blocking layer, further preventing thieves from swiping data if their attempt to cut the dyneema strap was unsuccessful.

Size & Versatility

Measuring 9.8 x 5.7 x 0.8 inches in size, the Pacsafe Wallet V200 isn’t going to fit in your pocket. It’s better stored inside your travel bag or clipped to a safe location. If you want pocket-sized travel wallets, pick the Travando Wallet for its wallet-sized dimensions.


Now for the biggest question you want to know: is it worth it? On one hand, its ability to handle so many cards, the size difference between passports, an ID slot, change slot, and a pen is tough to match. Not to mention the anti-theft features you get at the same time. However, its $90 price tag is pretty steep, even for what it offers. The Kipling Wallet covers nearly the same bases, minus RFID protection, at half the price.

Pacsafe Wallet Wrap Up

There’s no doubting the prowess of the Pacsafe Wallet. If only it were slightly cheaper, it would be perfect otherwise. Having 13 card slots comes in handy if you frequent multiple countries, and need a card linked to each one. The passport holding US and European passports is nice, not to mention a hard-to-cut dyneema strap.

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