Pacific Rim Film Trailer – Guillermo Del Toro Does “Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots” On Insane Scale

Whoa! Talk about big gadgets..!? I can’t say how good Guillermo Del Toro’s new Pacific Rim action film romp will be, but it definitely looks like it’s shooting for “epic”–like a cross between Voltron and Mass Effect do the man dance with King Geedorah. But who can begrudge the man for taking us all back to the Monster Island geekdom of our youth. Del Toro himself has claimed, “This will be a beautiful poem to giant monsters.” No sh…!


Del Toro is one busy man who gets to play in some of the most amazing virtual playgrounds every created. Guillermo Del Toro is name that hardly needs introduction. But for those who fear the daylight and reside under pressing boulders, the man is a seasoned film director of considerable caliber. Del Toro is responsible for some of the most talked about films of our time. He has won awards for the odd and beautiful Pan’s Labyrinth and nominated for even more. He has had his hand in Quantum Solace, Hellboy and Hellboy II, Mimic, Splice and so much more.

Pacific Rim stars Charlie Hunman, Idris Elba and Ron Perlman, just to name a few. The film will launch next Summer July 11 USA and the 12th in the UK .

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