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OVO Central 700 Vacuum Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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If you want a bevy of options to choose from, like your accessories, then the best central vacuum where choices matter is with the OVO Central 700 Vacuum. Aside from the multiple kits you can choose from, you’ll always get the MVP: a 700 air watt vacuum, operating with a 2-stage motor, that’s also incredibly quiet, like the Imperium CV300 central vacuum.

Why We Like It – OVO Central 700 Vacuum

Built with a muffler and noise-blocking foam, the OVO Central 700 Vacuum operates its 2-stage motor with quiet efficiency, producing 700 air watts rated to handle 9000-sq ft areas. We definitely listed it on our best vacuum cleaners roundup.

  • Large, 9.25 gallon debris capacity
  • 700 air watts w/ 2-stage motor
  • Quiet operation
  • Vac only; vacuum accessory kits available


With 700 air watts of suction power, sucking dirt out of your carpet (and other areas) is like a walk in the park. And the HEPA filter traps dust that would otherwise get blown around during operation. It even has a low voltage control system built-in. That puts the Hoover Vacuum Cleaner to shame.

Speed & Efficiency

To give you an idea of how efficient the OVO Central 700 Vacuum is, it’s best to translate its power into metrics. With the kind of power it puts out, the vacuum fits beautifully in areas no bigger than 9000-square feet. That is its sweet spot.

Capacity & Maintenance

Maintenance varies largely on how you want to operate the home central vacuum systems. The OVO Central 700 Vacuum has a hybrid filtration bag, which means you can operate it with or without vacuum bags. Either way, you’re getting a large, 9.25-gallon debris capacity, which is 4 pounds above the Prolux Vacuum.


Not only are the heavy-duty central OVO Central Vacuum Power Units powerful cleaning central vacuums, but their design also uses rolled steel for heavy-duty durability. And with it only weighing 27 lbs, it still hovers around the idea of being a portable vacuum cleaner. Although, not all central vacuums are so light, like you’ll see in our Prolux CV12000 review which is twice as heavy as this one.


The OVO Heavy Duty Powerful Central Vacuum Unit Centhas one downside: it’s just the unit itself. That’s a bummer because it doesn’t come with any accessories. On the bright side, there are multiple accessory kits to choose from (like the carpet deluxe), giving you the opportunity to pick up kits that work for you, rather than something like the Allegro MU4500 Champion providing accessories you might not. And since you don’t have to spend money on bags filters, you save more.

OVO Central 700 Vacuum Wrap Up

The OVO Central 700 Vacuum is packing everything you need, at least in the vacuum itself: very quiet, 9.25-gallon capacity, and 700 air watt suction power. True, you only get the unit itself, but there’s something freeing about the idea of choosing kits based on your needs, rather than be given the same by other products.

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