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OttoPlay Turns Netflix into Cable TV Browser

While OttoPlay has been out for months now, this Chrome Extension is really starting to come into its own over this blizzardy winter as people turn to Netflix and, inevitably, to features that make Netflix better.

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The add-on works for Netflix, Hulu, and even YouTube: It’s main job is to create a unique interface for managing these streaming programs that make it feel more like skimming a traditional cable TV menu. There’s a pop-up menu box at the bottom of the screen that scrolls through various “channels” based on Netflix genres, each highlighting shows or movies to watch.


Ottoplay changes the way Netflix works – but is it for you?

Some of this is smoke and mirrors – obviously there’s no hour-by-hour forecast when you can stream everything at any time over your television. But OttoPlay also has a certain logic to it: It’s great to be able to casually browse channels while still watching a show, especially if you already have experience with this familiar format. A millennial may be more likely to pull out a phone and just bring up Netflix or another show app to browse on while watching your streaming media player, but this is an acceptable – and pleasantly lazy – substitute.

For now OttoPlay is only a Chrome extension, and thus only useful if you prefer to watch Netflix on a computer instead of, say, an Xbox One or Apple TV. If this describes you, download the app for free and check it out. For other info on Netflix devices, head over to our electronics reviews.

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