What is the Otterbox Warranty for iPhone?

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Updated March 21, 2023

When looking at various insurance plans, you may want to learn about the Otterbox warranty for iPhones. When you purchase an Otterbox iPhone case or accessory, you also get a limited manufacturer’s warranty that lasts for two years in some cases and the lifetime of the product in other cases, which is pretty standard in the smartphone accessory space. These manufacturers’ warranties handle basic manufacturing errors, similar to a Nintendo Switch warranty.


  • Otterbox offers a robust limited warranty for their Otter products of two years or the entire lifetime of the accessory.
  • These are manufacturing warranties, so the service providers only cover defective materials and shoddy workmanship for the Otter products via the warranty claim.
  • For insurance coverage to make your experience enjoyable, consider a dedicated third-party electronics plan that covers accidental damage or contact customer service.

Does Otterbox Offer a Phone Case Warranty?

Yes, Otterbox stands by its products and offers a two-year limited warranty with each purchase, similar to a Maytag washer warranty. This is a basic limited manufacturer’s warranty that covers defective materials and shoddy workmanship, just like an AT&T new phone warranty. These warranties do not cover accidental damage or damage accrued via user error, though you have some options when it comes to that type of advanced coverage.

Insider Tip

Make sure to hold onto your receipt, warranty card, and proof of purchase just in case you ever have to make a claim on the warranty.

Tips to Extend Otterbox Coverage

Otterbox does offer a two-year warranty, but it is a manufacturer’s warranty that only covers issues that occurred at the factory. If you want insurance coverage or just a longer warranty, you will have to consider some options. Luckily, we are here to help. Here are your choices.

Read the Fine Print

Before you indulge in another insurance or extended warranty plan, check to see what kind of coverage your Otterbox case already has. Remember, the company offers a lifetime limited warranty for some products and a 2-year warranty for others, so put on your research cap and figure out which one you have. You can probably find the information in the documentation that accompanied the case or by heading online to a warranty status check. If you have a lifetime limited warranty, this only covers the manufacturer’s errors, but also, smartphone cases are not exactly fragile.

Try Third-Party Insurance

When all else fails, try third-party insurance plans. Some Otterbox cases are on the pricy side, so you want to make sure they are covered, along with the phone that is nestled inside of the case. There are plenty of companies out there that will insure all of your gadgets, including accessories like smartphone cases. The price of these plans depends on the type of coverage and what you are covering. In many cases, you can receive coverage that goes beyond a limited warranty and handles issues like accidental damage and even theft.

STAT: The company was founded in 1998 as a manufacturer of water-resistant boxes meant to house electronic devices, mostly catering to outdoor enthusiasts. (source)

Otterbox Warranty FAQs

Where did you buy the product?

Where you buy the product does impact the coverage, as some retailers offer their own coverage that adds on top of the Otterbox guarantee.

Does Otterbox cover damaged phones?

In rare cases, Otterbox can cover damaged phones but only if the case itself caused the damage. Contact a third-party service provider for more information and to get absolute security.

How many times will Otterbox replace the case?

They will replace one case each year, depending on the issue and the specific warranty claim. Contact your service providers for more information as to the warranty associated with your Internet transaction.
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