Osu! on a Mouse vs a Tablet

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Updated December 29, 2022

People find themselves looking for the best mouse for many reasons. Whether you’re looking for an office device or the best gaming mouse, there’s a staggering amount of specs to sort through and decisions to make. As gaming grows in popularity, many might even look for the right device for a specific game to help them move up the rankings. Below, we’ll be dealing with a popular computer game, Osu!, as we compare which method is best to play it on. So, if this piques your interest, keep reading to learn about playing Osu! on a mouse vs tablet.


  • Osu! is a fast-paced competitive game that challenges users to trace a song’s beat by tapping a series of circles.
  • An art tablet surface is usually considered the best control method because of its absolute tracking.
  • During periods of heavy use, mice can suffer from mouse drift when the laser needs to reposition itself because the sensor processes too much information.

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Insider Tip

To help get better at Osu! begin by playing songs you’re familiar with.

Differences Between Playing Osu! on a Tablet vs a Mouse

Osu! is a rhythm game that originally came out on GameBoy in 2007. However, it’s been revamped and put out for PC players to enjoy. It’s a super fast-paced game that shows a series of circles for every musical beat in a song. The songs are usually techno-dance style, meaning the speed at which the user needs to follow along can be blinding.

The game has grown in popularity, and there are now global ranking charts, and many players want to know what they can do to increase their performance. One of the top ways is to choose a suitable controller. Currently, there are two types of _Osu! _players: mouse players and tablet players.

A graphic tablet is essentially a touchscreen pad. The user takes a tablet pen, puts it on its surface, and controls the game. On the other hand, some use a traditional mouse cursor to follow the circles. Ultimately, what’s best for Osu! is up to personal preference. But there are a couple of key differences to note as you decide.


Most experts and players say that a tablet is the best controller for speed. This is because tablets have what’s called absolute tracking (or absolute positioning). Absolute track means that wherever the pen is placed on the tablet, the cursor automatically moves there, also.

Mice, on the other hand, operate with sensors. A sensor-controlled device means that when a mouse is moved, the sensor picks up where the mouse is in relation to its previous location. It may sound like a small difference, but it means that there’s a bit of a lag between each mouse movement. Ultimately, sensors make a mouse a little slower and less accurate than a tablet.

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Regarding accuracy, a tablet is also likely to yield better results. Users have greater control because the tablet and pen’s physical position is less constrained than a traditional mouse. The tablet accuracy has a leg up over the mouse position, which is made even larger by the speed advantage.


Playing high-movement games for long periods can increase the likelihood of developing carpal tunnel.

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STAT: As of 2022, Osu! had over 19 million monthly active users. (source)

Osu!: Mouse vs Tablet FAQs

Is there a best type of mouse sensor for playing a rhythm game?

Laser sensors process much more info than optical sensors and are better for fast-paced games like Osu!

How much is an affordable tablet?

Some of the cheapest tablets start at around $20.

What type of mousepad is best for fast games?

Using a hard-surfaced mousepad increases speed and is handy for a game like Osu!
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