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If you could step into someone’s life for a fresh start without anyone noticing, would you go for it? In Orphan Black, Tatiana Maslany plays Sarah Manning, a woman that recently decided to steal the identity of a woman that took her own life in front of her. The woman looked just like Sarah, and in a quick moment she decides to take her identity and plays the woman’s death as her own. Now, she is forced to carry along with the woman’s life as if nothing happened while carrying the burden of work this woman left behind. Watch this series, and maybe watch The Boys after, on our Best Shows On Amazon.

Why We Like It – Orphan Black Review

A series such as this where the protagonist decides to pull off a grand identity heist as Sarah does is a rare find. With over five seasons to watch, I must admit I am pretty shocked at how long she has managed to keep up this scheme. Regardless, the first season starts off with a bang as Sarah desperately tries to fit into her new life.

  • Unusual Plot
  • Dramatic Slippery Slope
  • Situation seems too hard to pull off for 5 seasons


During the start of this season, Tatiana captures Sarah’s stressed moments very well. Throughout the series you feel the desperation in Sarah as her new life starts to stress her out , and as her own family members cope with her supposed death. There aren’t many series like this so the drama is definitely unique. This is a great sci-fi to get into due to its crazy dilemmas, but there are still other choices such as Babylon 5 or The Americans.


The series started off on BBC america, but is now on Amazon Prime Video. Sarah’s life is seen as rugged and simple while her new life is filled with a nice car, and a fat bank account that has enough money to provide for her daughter for a very long time. This science fiction show is set to a city in England. The scenes are usually taking place in the city since most of the detective’s work lies there.


It will be interesting to see how Sarah is still pulling this off till the final season. I think this is a great drama to get into because Sarah will constantly be hit with new situations that force her to try and apply herself with knowledge she may not have. There is no telling what will happen later in the show but till then there are sure to be suspenseful moments at every turn as she falls deeper into her new life.

Orphan Black Review Wrap Up

Orphan Black is an intense drama revolving around a woman stealing the identity of a detective that recently decided to end her life. This situation grows more intense as Sarah tries her best to maneuver in her new life that she is clearly untrained for. While I’m shocked as to how long this sci fi series has lasted, I am equally as excited to see what kind of things Sarah runs into in the series finale.

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