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The Orp Combines A Powerful Bike Light And Horn

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Cycling is a fun hobby that can help keep you fit, but the reality is, it’s also pretty dangerous in traffic, more dangerous than even cyclists may realize sometimes. So amid the phone chargers and other toys you can bolt to your bike, you might want to consider a bright light and a powerful horn, something the Orp offers in one convenient package.

A Light In The Darkness

The Orp is, first of all, a pretty good bike light. On a slow flash, it’ll last fifteen hours on one charge; continuous light will eat up the battery in three. Either way, though, you get 87 lumens of light. It’s not a car headlight, but it should be enough to ensure that no matter where you are, people will see you.

Honk If You Love Attention

Next there’s the horn, which, while the bike light is solid, is more impressive. You trigger it by hitting the Orp’s “tail”, and there are two settings you can use for different purposes. The “friendly” honk is 76 decibels, and to be used for waving at friends and generally communicating. When you want to yell at the driver who cut you off, there’s a “loud” setting that puts out 98 decibels. All of this is in a jhigh-impact polycarbonate shell with a silicone skin over it, meaning that the Orp’s both shockproof and weatherproof. Useful when you’re out in a mess trying to get home.

Safety First


The Orp is not going to make up for your deficiencies as a cyclist, it should be noted; if you cut people off, blow through lights, and generally act like an ass, you need a lot more than a bike light to keep you safe. But it’s a worth addition to any two-wheeler at $65, and with a horn that loud, at least you won’t have to worry about nobody knowing you’re there.

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