If you are shopping for a new router, read Which Best Home Router Is Right for You. We may have possibly the weirdest wireless router to present you — The Orb.  The Orb actually consists of two parts that communicate via your home’s electrical wiring.  The first is the network home plug where you plug in your internet connection via the ethernet port and into a power outlet.  The second part is the actual wireless router.  This is cool part — it plugs into a light bulb connector. You can now house your wireless router conveniently in any room with a ceiling fan or extra light socket.

Problems I can think of so far?

  • The Orb does not function as a light bulb but it takes the place of one
  • What happens if you flip the light switch?
  • Networking over power died out years ago for good reason… it never worked very well
  • If you already need to connect the Network Home Plug into a room, what does this really save you?

Anyways, they still get cool points for innovation.  So it could be the best wifi router.

Orb Wireless Router [Yanko Design]

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  1. That is a great innovation on router , its smaller, compartable to any home applicant or equipmwnt ,thats interesting to know about .
    please can you mail me how it works with the POP( USING WHAT CABLE FOR CONNECTIVITY , CAT 5 , OR WHAT? on what type of network?

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