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When searching for the Best Air Purifier you’ll most likely search for one that’s quiet, adjustable, and offers great filtration. You’re probably not thinking of looking for the best plug in air purifier in this regard, but you should at least consider it. And the Oransi OV200 Air Purifier is definitely one worth checking out.

Why We Like It – Oransi OV200 Air Purifier

The Oransi OV200 Air Purifier is an excellent air purifier capable of using two-stage filtration and a pre-filter to destroy all, if not almost all, airborne contaminants in whichever room you put it in. And that room can be up to 400 square feet too which is double the room coverage of most other fans in its class.

  • 3 Fan Speeds
  • 2 Stage Filtration and Air Quality Sensor
  • Very Quiet
  • Heavy
  • Very Expensive


Oransi Air Purifiers boasts an activated carbon filter which is an air filtration system that protects against light smoke and odors. If you’re a fan of carbon filters you can also check out the GermGuardian AC5350B. The OV200 also contains adjustable fan speeds, three in total, so you can adjust the unit accordingly based on room size and clean air needs.


Speaking of room size, the OV200 Air Cleaner can cover a room up to 400 square feet. Believe it or not this is actually an exceptionally large area of effect. A Lot of other air purifiers, such as the Germ Guardian AC4825E, cover less than 200 square feet. So feel free to place the OV200 in a larger room like a living room. It should be able to handle it without problems.


The OV200 Air Filter uses HEPA Air filters and pre filters to capture 99.9% of contaminant particles like dust pollen mold and even pet dander. This 2 stage filtration system is why the OV2000 is one of the best air purifiers. The air quality sensor even allows you to see the particle count yourself too see just how clean or dirty your air is and act accordingly for quality air.


The OV200 sports an elegant, modern design and is sure to find a home in any household. It does weigh 10 pounds though, so check out the Hamilton Beach 04386A Air Purifier for something lighter. The OV200 also makes very little noise. At 30dB, the noise level shouldn’t rise above that of a whisper or some leaves rustling outside in the breeze.


Customer reviews on Amazon are largely positive with the unit scoring 4.5.5 stars based on 239 reviews. Extra features include a remote control so you can control the unit from the comfort of your couch, an auto mode so you can leave it to do its own thing, and a night mode so you can get a good sleep with reduced fan speed and thus less noise. Unfortunately, at over $300.00, it’s going to be expensive to try and have one in every room of the house.

Oransi OV200 Air Purifier Wrap Up

Ten pounds isn’t exactly heavy, but it is when it comes to plug in air purifiers, so I’d understand if that’s a turn-off for you. And it’s going to be expensive to be able to put it in every room of the house. Still, you can’t argue with the fact that it produces amazingly fresh air thanks to its power, efficiency, and versatility.

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