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When looking for the Best Air Purifier, or more specifically the Best Ionic Air Purifier, people probably want something compatible with high quality HEPA filters, and the Oransi Max air purifier may be that purifier. Those filters are able to capture at least two things that regular HEPA filters can’t.

Why We Like It – Oransi Max

The Oransi Max HEPA air purifier has a filter life of a maximum of 18 months, an air quality monitor that can automatically adjust the fan’s speed in correspondence to the quality of the air, It’s powerful enough to work efficiently in larger spaces, making it more bearable for people who suffer from asthma.

  • Energy Star certified
  • Long filter life
  • Low noise level
  • Heavy for an air purifier


It has a 3 stage air purification filter to provide significantly improved air quality, unlike air purifiers such as the Aeramax 300 purifier that use 4 stage filters. The Oransi air filters contain a pre filter, a V HEPA filter, and an activated carbon filter. The purifier also has 4 fan speeds that can be adjusted either manual or through auto mode, all while maintaining a lower noise level while it operates.

Efficiency(room size etc.)

The Oransi V HEPA Max air purifier is a large room air purifier due to having an area coverage of 600 square feet, making it great for areas such as basements and bedrooms. It surpasses the Silveronyx air purifier with true HEPA filter, which has an area coverage of 500 square feet. It also has an air quality monitor that automatically adjusts the fan depending on how clean the air is.

Versatility (HEPA, what does it filter, odor reduction etc.)

This indoor air purifier uses a high quality air filter that has a filter life of 18 months at the most while it provides clean air. It’s used to capture mold spores, dust, allergens such as pollen, and pet dander. It traps particles that are no smaller than 0.3 microns, and it’s powerful enough to be used in large rooms and still manage to be effective enough to change the air quality.


It weighs 19 Lbs. In comparison, the Pure Enrichment air purifier filter is considerably lighter, as it weighs 9.5 Lbs. Since it’s an air purifier, it will inevitably have weak points to allow the air to travel through it in order to be filtered, as every filter in this purifier has holes, with each filter having a different size hole than the last. However, it’s designed to have great performance despite having less holes, making it have less vulnerability compared to the more common purifier designs.


While it’s quite expensive for an air purifier, it’s made of longer lasting parts that were manufactured to provide consistent, high quality performance. The V HEPA filter, smart air quality monitor, ionizer, and the material used to make the casing are what contribute to the overall cost the most. The V HEPA filter replacement itself costs about $50, and the ABS material isn’t the cheapest material to turn into a machine’s casing.

Oransi Max Wrap Up

Customer reviews have mostly been positive, praising the purifier for its effectiveness and overall performance. More than one air purifier review addressed that the customer service is quick and helpful, as they were able to send another purifier after the initial one was damaged from shipping.

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