Optoma X341 Review

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Updated November 29, 2022
90 Expert Rating

The Optoma X341 is a fantastic choice, thanks to its brightness and clarity if you’re searching for a great projector for entertainment or business. While this projector does not provide the highest possible resolution, it is powerful enough to showcase business statistics or watch a movie by the pool. Although it doesn’t breach the top three in our ranking of the best business projector, the Optoma X341 has a lot to offer in terms of picture quality and portability.

Why We Like It – Optoma X341

There’s a lot to love about the Optoma X341 projector: from its superior lamp life to the vivid color accuracy thanks to Texas Instruments DLP technology, this projector showcases a combination of outstanding picture quality and unmatched longevity. This bright XGA projector has the qualities necessary for movie nights at home or business presentations at the office.

  • 3300 ANSI lumens for stunningly bright projections in any room
  • Superior color accuracy and vibrancy thanks to the integrated Texas Instruments DMD chip
  • Projected 10000-hour lamp life
  • Terrible sound from built-in speakers


A native resolution XGA projector will obviously not be able to reach the graphical fidelity of a WXGA projector like the BenQ MH760 1080P Business Projector, almost every review for the Optoma X341 cites its excellent picture quality as one of this projector’s defining features. The Optoma X341 utilizes Texas Instruments DLP color technology for vibrant colors and deep blacks that will pop on any screen or surface. This projector also hosts several input ports for a variety of source types like HDMI, VGA, USB, and more.


Unlike the Optoma UHZ65 projector, the 3300 ANSI lumens on the Optoma X341 ensure that you can see whatever you’re projecting, regardless of how dark your room is. This feature is especially helpful for business people and teachers who may not want to project slides and presentations in complete darkness. Compared to Epson projectors vs Optoma, like the Epson VS250 and Epson EX7240, this projector is technically brighter, though the difference is subtle enough that most people won’t notice. What is nice, though, is that the Optoma X341 achieves this with less power consumption than both Epson projectors. However,

Adjustability/Viewing Angle

Unfortunately, the Optoma X341 only has vertical keystone correction. This limits your ability to make fine adjustments to the projector’s placement and forces you to place the projector precisely for optimum viewing. Most reviewers had no problem with the projection distance on the Optoma X341, but there are some that found this projector needed to be placed much too far back to be useful. In the case of an office or classroom setting, this projector will need to be about 13 to 15 feet back for an eight-foot screen.


The superior lamp life on the Optoma X341 projector is really what sets it apart from the competition. Optoma boasts that the lamp will last a full 10000 hours in ECO mode, which blows away the lamp life of similarly priced projectors. Though this projector is not sold as an outdoor unit and should be taken care of, many reviewers successfully used the Optoma X341 outdoors. If you want a projector with a 20000-hour lamp life that should last the projector’s life span, try the Optoma ML750.


Optoma projectors like the X341 have a lot to admire, but this one is a bit of a hard sell due to its price. At just under $800, this projector costs more than better-rated options like the Epson VS250 or the Epson EX7240. While the picture quality is great and the brightness is fantastic, similar quality is absolutely possible on less-expensive projectors. However, the superior lamp life Optoma boasts about the projector should make it last longer than those other models. Another factor to consider is the subpar internal speakers, which you will likely want to supplement with an external sound setup.

Optoma X341 Wrap Up

The Optoma X341 is a good projector that is sure to meet the needs of an entertainment junky or business person, though there are better and less expensive projectors out there. What really sets this unit apart is its projected 10000-hour lamp life. Outside of that, the picture quality is great but no better than other projectors we’ve reviewed, and the built-in speakers are mostly useless. The Optoma X341 is a fine projector, just not a great one.

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