Optoma UHD50X Review

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Updated November 29, 2022
92 Expert Rating

If you’re looking for a 4K projector for gaming and viewing during daylight hours, the Optoma UHD50X offers these things and more. Though the gaming experience is reduced at 4K resolution, the UHD50X is still the best 4K projector on the market, as well as the second-best projector for gaming, and the fourth-best, ceiling-mounted projector.

Why We Like It – Optoma UHD50X

The Optoma UHD50X offers an incredible gaming experience with exceptional picture quality, making it ideal for gaming or viewing. A high brightness easily contests ambient light, making this home theater projector outperform other Optoma projectors with ease.

  • Exceptional picture quality
  • High brightness
  • Low input lag
  • 1080p gaming mode only


The Optoma UHD50X delivers a lightning-fast response time of just 16ms, but only in 1080p. At 4K resolution, the response time is increased to 25ms. Additionally, its 240Hz refresh rate is only available in 1080p, dropping to 60Hz in 4K. Regardless, this gaming projector displays incredible images with an RGBWRGBW color wheel and a high contrast ratio of 500,000:1 for dynamic black levels and vibrant colors using DLP technology. The projector also offers XPR technology and HDR compatibility, as well as using relatively low power consumption. Another projector worth checking out is the Sony HW45ES with an assortment of features not found in other home theatre projectors and offers a cinema-quality experience in the comfort of your home.


To ensure quality performance at all times, the Optoma UHD50X boasts a high maximum brightness of 3,400 lumens, unlike its cousin the Optoma UHD51A. This is easily bright enough to overpower ambient light and display exceptional images in brightly-lit rooms. Fortunately, this Optoma projector’s high contrast ratio guarantees no washout or disruption of color, even at maximum brightness. This brightness comes in just shy of the ViewSonic 4K projector, which offers comparable quality at 3,500 lumens.

However, if you’d like to skip the bulbs and lumens altogether, you’ll probably want to look into a laser projector, as you’ll find in our Optoma UHD50 review.

Adjustability/Viewing Angle

The Optoma UHD50X comes with a variety of adjustability features for the most flexible installation options. Able to be mounted from the ceiling or on a stand, the UHD50X sports a 1.3x zoom feature, as well as adjustable focus, vertical lens shift, and vertical keystone correction. The projector comes with a few different modes, such as enhanced gaming mode, to optimize your experience. A remote control is also included with the projector, to easily shift between settings from the comfort of your seat.


The Optoma UHD50X is relatively small, measuring 4.6×12.4×10.6” and weighing about 8.6 pounds. The case offers a wide variety of connections, and ships with an included HDMI cable for even easier installation. When used in dynamic mode, the bulb can last up to 15,000 hours, offering years of quality performance before needing replacement. The product comes with a warranty from Optoma, though reviews on the quality of service are heavily mixed.


With a price that comes standard with many 4K projectors, the Optoma UHD50X goes above and beyond the standard 4K projector, offering the same picture quality with even more features. Combining a high brightness with its incredible display and gaming performance, on top of excellent adjustability features and a long lamp life, the UHD50X is clearly an excellent value and offers much more than its price tag suggests. Few 4K projectors can match the value of the Optoma UHD50X.

Optoma UHD50X Wrap Up

While it comes with the one major flaw of having to choose between a quality gaming experience and 4K resolution, the Optoma UHD50X provides exceptional quality and performance in any environment. For those looking for a quality 4K projector or a great gaming projector that performs well in well-lit environments, the UHD50X will deliver.

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