Optoma EH500 Review

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Updated November 25, 2022
92 Expert Rating

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing the best business projector: lumens, source types, network control, etc., are all things people should consider when purchasing a projector for the home or office. The Optoma EH500 produces outstanding picture quality and some really great features that make it a great addition to any workspace, but it is pricier than some of its competitors, like the Epson VS250.

Why We Like It – Optoma EH500

The Optoma EH500 is a true full high, definition projector that works well in schools, home theaters, churches, and businesses. With awesome features like network control and 3D display technology, there’s a lot to love about this projector.

  • Super bright thanks to 4700 ANSI lumens
  • Fantastic color accuracy using DLP technology
  • Super fast and easy setup
  • No horizontal keystone correction
  • Some lag in wireless streaming
  • Internal speaker isn’t very strong


The picture quality on the Optoma EH500 is superb, thanks to the native 1080p full HD resolution. The integrated DLP technology ensures colors are vibrant and accurate straight out of the box, meaning movies and video games will look excellent coming out of this projector. Users should have no problem with these, thanks to the plethora of input ports, including two HDMI, two VGA, and composite video ports. Most reviewers found the Optoma EH500 to be incredibly easy to set up, too, so you can start watching your favorite movies in full high definition in no time. Another nice feature about the Optoma EH500 is the network control capabilities; this can be a bit laggy at times, so it’s a feature better suited to business presentations than full-length films.


According to user reviews, the 4700 ANSI lumens advertised by the brand Optoma hold true. The picture is bright and clear even in a lit room, which will be especially important for daytime gamers and business people that don’t want to turn down all the lights for an important presentation. The lamp in the Optoma EH500 is rated to last about 2500 hours, which is actually longer than that in the BenQ MH760 1080p Business Projector. Some reviewers did find the lamp didn’t last as long as projected, but, fortunately, replacements aren’t too expensive. Although, our review of the Optoma EH415ST review details the lower lumens that help it last longer.

Adjustability/Viewing Angle

On such a well-liked projector regarding picture quality and brightness, it’s a shame that the Optoma EH500 is lacking horizontal keystone correction. Without this, users will have to perfectly center the projector to avoid distorted and out-of-focus images. Some reviewers even found the vertical keystone correction to be subpar as well, and considering the long throw distance of this projector, it’s important to be sure you have the proper space and setup to actually use it.


The outer construction of the Optoma EH500 feels quite durable, which is to be expected at this price point. Solidly designed with a clean-looking silver finish, this projector is sure to look good wherever it sits as well. Both zoom and focus can only be done manually, so physical wear and tear are sure to happen. There are plenty of buttons on this projector, all of which feel sturdy and secure. This is like the Optoma GT1080Darbee, which is quite sturdy, too. For a projector built to last long, making it an appealing pick for business users needing a heavy-duty projector, the ViewSonic LS810 is the perfect pick.


The Optoma EH500 is pretty expensive when held up to the competition. It’s about the same price as the BenQMH760 1080p Business Projector, but that projector has more ANSI lumens and the same picture quality. Even the Epson EX7240 has more lumens and equally good picture quality for a little more than half the price. As previously mentioned, some reviewers found the lamp life was far lower than advertised, so buyers should keep in mind the possibility of buying replacements when budgeting for their projectors. Speaking of, the speaker also isn’t great on this projector, but that’s par for the course. Still, be aware that you’ll likely want some external speakers. The Optoma EH500 is a good projector, but there are equally as good options for the same or even lower prices.

Optoma EH500 Wrap Up

While the Optoma EH500 is a fantastic projector that offers full HD video, it’s hard to recommend it over the less-expensive competition. Other projectors offer better wireless connectivity and can produce the same, if not better, quality images for less money. Buyers will certainly be happy with this projector, but they are just as likely to be happy with something from BenQ or Epson that costs a lot less.

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