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As our #5 choice for the best outdoor projector, the Optoma CinemaX P1 projector is an excellent choice for your 4K smart home viewing needs (the BenQ TK850 Projector is a cheaper 4K alternative). The Optoma P1 brings a lot to the table, outperforming many other UST projectors both in terms of visual & audio performance, thanks to a combination of laser projection & its excellent integrated sound system.

Why We Like It – Optoma CinemaX P1

In this Optoma CinemaX P1 Review, we’ll go over what makes this ultra short throw projector worth the large investment it demands. The perfect addition to any home theater, the Optoma CinemaX P1 features two Dolby Digital full range speakers, a 1,500,000:1 contrast ratio, & an excellent 4K picture quality capable of producing 8.3 million pixels that work great when viewing HDR content.

  • Uses Laser Light to Provide Vibrant 4K Image Quality on the UST Screen
  • Has Wi Fi, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, & IFTTT Capabilities
  • Works on any big screen projecting an image up to 120″
  • High Input Lag
  • Very Expensive

Performance & Resolution

The CinemaX P1 is one of the many ultra short throw projectors currently available, but what separates it from the competition is its overall performance. The laser light design provides a 4K Ultra HD projection with an 8.3 million pixel display and a contrast ratio of 1,500,000:1. The projector has HDR 10 technology and a NuForce (Dolby Digital) 40W soundbar built-in for superior sound. Sadly, the projector has a bit too much input lag for competitive gaming (if you want low input lag for gaming, consider the BenQ HT2050A 1080p DLP projector instead).Looking for the perfect projector that will not give you a reason to complain? The Epson Home Cinema 2040 boasts exceptional picture quality, good adjustability, and connection options.

Brightness & Lumens

You shouldn’t have any trouble viewing this projector even in less-than-ideal lighting, thanks to the 3,000-lumen laser display. Optoma claims that the laser light system will offer up to 30,000 hours of maintenance-free use, so you won’t need to worry about repairing or replacing the system anytime soon (which is good considering the price tag!). Still (as is the case with any projector) the image will considerably deteriorate as the overall ambient light increases, so for the clearest picture use this projector in a darker room if possible.

Adjustability & Viewing Angle

This short throw projector is the perfect media player when you want a large display but only have a limited amount of space. The projected image will shrink as you put the projector closer to the wall, but if you place the device 14.5 inches away from the screen (or wall) you can expect it to produce a crystal clear 120” display. You won’t have any trouble viewing the projection from any angle on your screen of choice, making it perfect for showing videos to an audience.


Weighing in at 24 pounds, this portable projector is well-built and durable enough to withstand normal use. It doesn’t have any impact or water resistance though, so you will want to make sure you place the UST projector in a stable place that can support its weight. Optoma claims the laser used to project images will last 30,000 hours without needing any maintenance, so short of blowing out the internal 40W speakers, this projector shouldn’t require any specific care or maintenance.


The high price of this product is where many people will decide to choose something else. Costing $3,799.99, this is definitely an investment you will need to think about before purchasing (a MUCH cheaper alternative is the TMY V08 720P Native Projector). For that price, you will get the 24-lb. projector, a remote, a warranty (5 years or 12,00 hours on the light source & a 2-year parts/labor warranty on the projector itself), and free shipping. Thankfully, if you decide this product isn’t for you, returns are free as well!

Optoma CinemaX P1 Wrap Up

This Optoma CinemaX P1 Review covered everything you need to know about this laser-light projector. The price will definitely be a deterrent for most, but if you can afford it, we definitely think it’s worth it (if not for the 4K HDR quality than for the excellent built-in speakers!). If you decide it’s not worth the investment for you, Optoma also has many other lower-priced projectors you could consider as well!

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