OPOLAR Handheld Fan Review

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Updated July 12, 2022
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If you are looking for a fast handheld portable fan, the OPOLAR USB Fan will serve you well. It’s modular in such a way that you can use it as a clip fan, USB desk fan, and in many other fine fan models. And the included extra rechargeable battery is almost like a cherry on top. So with double the battery life, this fan also works very well outdoors. It is one of the best camping fans you can get at this price.

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Why We Like It – OPOLAR Handheld Fan

The OPOLAR Handheld Fan features a powerful motor that can spin the fan at a very high RPM to move a lot of air through for a portable fan. But being a mainly battery-operated fan, it is efficient as well, and the battery lasts 8-11 hours. It’s one of, if not the best travel fan you can get because of its high RPM fan.

  • 0°-180° adjustability
  • Comes with a metal clip, an extra battery, and a micro USB charging cable
  • Brushless efficient DC motor that lasts longer and uses less battery than an AC motor
  • Build quality is not that great


As mentioned before, the fan comes with a high-quality brushless DC motor that can spin the fan at very high speeds. And it is one of the very few fans at this range that has multiple speed modes. You do get the option to choose from three different settings (e.g., low, medium, and high). We expect most to stay between the low and medium setting as high is just way too fast. And that way, the motor also chews through the two included 2200 mAh batteries slower. In case you need even more airflow outdoors while camping, you should consider picking up the Geek Aire fan.


The motor and the small fan inside are very high quality, just as you would find with the SkyGenius clip fan. Even the batteries, the metal clip, and the battery case that comes with the OPOLAR Handheld Fan are well built. However, the fan’s exterior is not that great; it tends to break quite easily. But, it’s not terrible or flimsy either, and it shouldn’t get damaged if you take care of it properly.

Noise/Sound Level

The fan stays virtually silent in all three modes. It is one of the quietest cooling fans you can buy. Even if you try and run through the entire battery during your working hours, the motor also stays silent at all times. You can even take it to a library and not have any issues.

Versatility/Modern Features

The OPOLAR Handheld Fan is multi-functional. The handle folds up and reveals three rubber feet to use as a personal desk fan. And you can use the included metal clip to use the fan hands-free outdoors. It is well built, but it feels like an afterthought. If you are looking for a better clip fan, consider picking up the OPOLAR Clip Fan or the BLUBOON Clip-On Fan. You can use the former as a battery-operated desk fan too.

Versatility/Modern Features

This fan comes with a ton of accessories that add to the value of an already impressive portable handheld and USB rechargeable desk fan. And along with that, OPOLAR offers a limited one-year warranty in the United States.

OPOLAR Handheld Fan Wrap Up

Overall the OPOLAR Handheld Fan is an excellent purchase for travelers and camping enthusiasts. If you can just put up with the build quality, it is a no-brainer as it comes with so many freebies at such a low price.

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