The Oploft isn’t so much a standing desk as an artistic interpretation of standing desks: Oh it’s functional all right, but it’s designed primarily as an accessory – a gleaming, elegant metal accessory that let’s you stand when you don’t want to sit down to work. You can check out our best standing desk reviews for 2019 for more information, but suffice it to say we haven’t seen anything quite like this yet.

And we have written many adjustable height desk reviews.

“Oploft” is both a play on “uplift” and a nod toward Baltic design: The Ikea-ish name indicates a minimalistic sensibility that’s certainly at play here. The best way to describe an Oploft is to say it’s like an extension of a Mac designed to turn a normal desk into a platform that can be elevated to standing desk heights. That’s not hyperbole – the lines, materials, color and general style are meant to mimic MacBooks and iMacs as closely as possible, which is why they’re featured in all the images. Sure, you can use whatever computer you want, but this standing desk unit is clearly designed for Apple users.

Oploft 2
The best thing about the Oploft may be its design.

Another benefit of that minimalistic design is that it’s easy to see immediately how the Oploft works. You can slide it up or down to reach just the right height for you, and then move it all the way back down when you are finished. Unlike many tabletop standing desks, this one comes with a lot of extra room for keyboards, notes, and other accessories, so you won’t have to switch between planes all the time. In total, the unit can manage 88 pounds – including a person leaning on the desk.

The downside is that you need to manually operate the unit to position it, and there’s no way for it to remember the right height (it uses basic pneumatics to work, which is very cool). Once you find the height that works for you, you either need to leave it that way or create a mental image of exactly how that height feels for next time. Since many full standing desks use motors and can automatically remember height settings, this feels a little disappointing.

The other disappointment in this seriously cool-looking standing desk accessory is that it’s pretty expensive, costing around $424 to preorder. On the plus side, at least there’s a choice between silver and black if you really don’t like the Apple look.

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