onecue: A Standalone Device For Gesture-Controlling Your Home


So you think that the Xbox One’s Kinect and the PlayStation Camera are cool, but you don’t want to drop $399 on a gaming console? Introducing onecue, the standalone device that allows you to control your media and smart home devices with gestures, just like an Xbox One or PS4 would — except onecue has more features.

With onecue, users are able to control their TV, cable box, smart thermostat, Philips Hue, DVD, Blu-ray — you name it, and the onecue likely can control it. Developed by eyeSight, onecue is the world’s first gesture-enabled smart home control that will wirelessly unify all of your home entertainment and smart home devices, simplifying these devices and eliminating the necessity for all of those remotes you have lying around your living room. The onecue is easy to set-up via iOS and Android, but still maintains a high level of device customization. For example, you’re able to program onecue to turn on more than one device at once with a single wave of your hand. This is quite the creative concept for a device that caters to those that aren’t into gaming systems but want to control their devices with their hands.

“Every device in our homes, from the TV to the cable box to the thermostat, has its own control system and remotes, cables or apps for operation, resulting in lots of clutter and fragmentation,” said Gideon Shmuel, CEO of eyeSight. “To solve this problem, we developed onecue.”

The onecue is currently available for pre-order for $129, and is set to hit retailers for $199 early next year. The device is scheduled to ship in early 2015.

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