The next evolution of smart fitness is already moving wearables into – well, stuff we actually wear. Gone will be the awkward fitness bands and sensors, and all you’ll need is to pull on something like the OMSignal biometric shirt.

Instead of limiting the sensors to a band, OMSignal has spread them out in a compression shirt that looks just like your average wicking workout shit. It has materials for getting rid of sweat, anti-microbial treatment to cut down on the smell, and fabric that can totally handle a casual machine wash. But in additional to all that, it can also sense your activity levels. If you bike on the streets, you might also be interested in our Garmin Forerunner 310XT review to track your workout mileage.

With the help of an accompanying module that relays information right to a phone, the biometric shirt can sense heart beat rates and how they change throughout the course of a work with its electrocardiogram sensor. It can use an accelerometer and other related sensors to also monitor breathing patterns and help count the calories that you are burning. It also includes a step counter for a run, and an overall fitness tracker for tracking your goals.


That little black module is a clip-on box designed to fit around your waist on a shirt-based band, although it’s worth wondering if you can just leave it under the bench or on the treadmill rather than wearing it at all times.

If you’re tired of wearing a band or watch to measure your fitness levels, then one of these compression shirts is definitely for you….uh, as long as you are a guy. You can buy several different versions of the shirt with varying sleeves/sleevelessness, but if you’re a gal then you’ll have to wait for a women’s version. Prices range from $100 to $130 for the biometric shirt, but you’ll have to pay around $120 more to get the relaying box, so add that onto the price tag when comparing models.

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