Omples 1080p WiFi Hidden Camera Alarm Clock Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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For someone who needs a wireless security nanny camera, one that is also hidden and discreet, the best spy camera might just be the Omples 1080p WiFi Hidden Camera Alarm Clock. It gets away with capturing intimate moments—a robber breaking in, catching your kids in a lie—without giving away its position, thanks to its front as a clock.

Why We Like It – Omples 1080p WiFi Hidden Camera Alarm Clock Review

The Omples 1080p WiFi Hidden Camera Alarm Clock takes on an unassuming design to mask its true intentions. While the unaware individual believes it to be a clock, it’s actually recording their wrongdoings in 1080p clarity.

  • Full HD 1080p video resolution
  • Unassuming design; camera is hidden
  • Supports live streaming
  • Only supports 2.4G Wi Fi
  • Needs “AA” batteries for clock to work


What we loved most about the Omples Full HD WiFi Night Clock Hidden Camera was its sharp video quality. Video recording is captured in stunning 1080p. Furthermore, the clock camera also has night vision motion detection, and live, real time video recording. This makes it ideal as a smart home security camera. For the best results, make sure you pair the Omples Hidden Camera Spy Clock with adequate lighting.

Since this is a hidden spy camera wireless device, it can connect to your network. Unfortunately, the camera WiFi is only limited to 2.4G. That isn’t a major issue, even if you’re watching live video, so long as you have good Wi-Fi. And if you also need an anti-spy gadget to protect yourself, take a look at our SpyFinder Pro hidden camera detector.


The kind of performance the Omples 1080p HD Wifi Night Vision Clock Spy Camera can put out isn’t possible without its genius design. Like DivineEagle’s Spy Camera Video Recorder and JRKQDY 1080p Charger Camera, the device’s true intentions are hidden behind a facade. Instead of planting blatantly obvious cameras, like you would with the Sirgawain 1080p Battery Operate Mini Spy Camera, the camera is hidden inside a clock.

However, there is one small flaw with this design: batteries. The Omples 1080p Clock Spy Camera works through a power cable. But for the clock to work, you need AA batteries. On the bright side, the device is so inexpensive, you can opt for rechargeable batteries.


There’s quite a lot of value crammed into this device, compared to other hidden cameras. You get 1080p video resolution, motion detection loop recording, night vision, live video, and a slot for a micro SD card. Having a memory card opens up the possibility to review old footage or review images. There’s even a phone app to tweak the spy camera.

And all that for $60? That’s a steal. Reading through a few customer reviews, people found that they easily caught their target in the act. One customer caught her husband sneaking snacks, and he tried to blame it on the kids! That should tell you the kind of value it has.

Omples 1080p WiFi Hidden Camera Alarm Clock Review Wrap Up

The Omples 1080p WiFi Hidden Camera Alarm Clock was designed to capture someone in a lie, from its design to its Full HD 1080p resolution. You’ll know it’s them. While it doesn’t support 5G Wi-Fi, live streaming in 2.4G is still great if you have a decent network. As long as you keep a AA battery slotted in, they’ll never know they’re being recorded—even at night.

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