Olympus Digital Camera Review

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Updated July 21, 2022
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Digital cameras have a lot of options when it comes to sensor size: four-thirds, APS-C, full-frame, etc. While many photographers prefer larger sensors for their ability to take stellar photos, that’s not to say a smaller lens isn’t capable of great pictures when combined with other in-camera features.

The Olympus digital camera has a fast autofocus system that superbly tracks motion, and the in-camera image stabilization is some of the best available. Video on this camera is great, too, but it doesn’t stack up to the best digital camera for filmmaking and the best digital camera.

Why We Like It – Olympus Digital Camera

This Olympus digital camera has a lot of stellar qualities that make it a real competitor in the digital camera game. Even on the small micro four-thirds sensor, this camera manages to capture some fantastic pictures thanks to the super-fast autofocus system and stellar in-camera image stabilization. While this camera isn’t for everyone, it’s sure to please plenty of photographers and videographers that want something small and compact.

  • Incredibly fast autofocus and several autofocus modes
  • Fantastic image stabilization
  • Charge on the go with USB charging capability
  • Micro four-thirds sensor can’t compete with image quality from larger sensors
  • No headphone jack for monitoring audio while shooting video

Image Quality

It should come as no surprise that the image quality on this Olympus digital camera isn’t as sharp as full-frame competitors like the Panasonic Lumix TZ200. Even so, the final images are vibrant, crisp, and clear. Videos also come out looking clean in 4k, as do the slow-mo HD videos that can be shot at up to 120fps. Some noticeable downsides to the image quality can be seen at low light especially, which is an unfortunate side effect of the four-thirds sensor. If you’d prefer cameras without the four-thirds sensor, check out our reviews of the Olympus SP-100 and the OCLU Action Camera.

Ease of Use

Olympus cameras put plenty of effort into making this Olympus digital camera very user-friendly. The camera is easy to hold, and integrated autofocus and image stabilization make it possible to get some fantastic handheld shots; with a tripod, the outcome is superb. The buttons are laid out intuitively, and the menus, though a bit arduous to slog through initially, are fully customizable. The electronic viewfinder on this camera is a tad small, so some users may find it uncomfortable to use. Thankfully, the LCD screen is fully articulated for shooting photos and videos in live view.

Battery Life

The Olympus digital camera is CIPA certified for 420 shots per battery charge, but could probably be pushed past this depending on conditions and the use of power saver modes. 420 shots is comparable to the cheaper Sony A6100, but it’s far lower than what’s possible on the (also cheaper) Canon EOS Rebel SL3. What the Olympus digital camera offers that those competitors don’t, however, is USB charging, which means it’s fairly easy to charge on the go with a laptop or powerbank.


Olympus cameras are well known for being extremely well made, and this Olympus digital camera is no exception. The camera body is constructed of a strong magnesium alloy that feels solid without being heavy or bulky. At just 2.1 pounds sans lens, this camera is very light and easy to carry around, which many photographers may want to do thanks to this camera’s excellent weather sealing. Even though this is a small, compact camera, it still sports a chunky hand grip that feels good to hold. Alternatively, if you want chunky point-and-shoot cameras, read our Olympus MJI vs Stylus mashup.


The Olympus digital camera is a fantastic pick for photographers that want several shooting modes for a versatile range of shooting styles. If you’re looking for the greatest out-of-camera photos, you’d be better off with something like this Sony Alpha A7 III Mirrorless digital camera. But, if Olympus is more your style, and you can’t get over the great stuff that is included in this camera like great autofocus and outstanding in-camera image stabilization, then this is a solid choice.

Olympus Digital Camera Wrap Up

The Olympus digital camera isn’t for everyone: the micro four thirds size sensor is relatively limited in the image quality it can consistently deliver compared to larger sensors. Even so, there’s a lot to love about this camera that makes it stand out in the oversaturated market of digital cameras. From the excellent variety of shooting modes that make it possible to capture fantastic macro, landscape, and even night sky photos, this camera is absolutely a good buy.

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