OluKai Maliko Suction Cup Shoes

Wouldn’t it be rad to be able to dash up walls and walk on ceilings.  Inevitably crime fighting would be a requisite with such power, or at the very least window cleaning. Needless to say, that ain’t gonna happen with these shoes from OluKai, called the Maliko, which boast integrated suction cups in its rubber sole.

Unlike traditional shoes, which these are anything but, the Maliko have a split toe design for added dexterity and balance.  The upper portion of the shoe is made from a light weight mesh material that dries out quickly and firmly wraps around your foot using a one pull lace system – no knots required.  That means putting these shoes on, or taking them off can happen in a snap and you’ll never have to struggle with tangles or unlacing in mid stride.

But the real magic lays in the sole.  Based supposedly on an octopus’ tentacles, a set of mini suction cups have been carved into the rubber bottom to provide added traction on both dry and wet surfaces.  We’re a bit skeptical as to how effective they are, but we’d definitely be willing to give them a try, since in theory the divots that make up the suction cups would at the very least help displace the water thus preventing the hydroplaning effect.

The Malikos are designed to be fully submerged in water, so in addition to a light weight upper mesh build, the inner sole is removable and water resistant.    A pair are set to cost $100.

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