Sneaky Shoes Hide A Bottle Of Booze

We’ve all been guilty of trying to sneak in some booze to places where it’s either not allowed or when it is, the drinks are ridiculously expensive, trying to hide in it flasks and the like only to get caught. Well, shoemaker Oliver Sweeney and Johnnie Walker came together to create the perfect pair of brogues oxfords that will hide a mini bottle of Johnnie Walker Red Label booze.

Sneaky and Stylish

Oliver Sweeney x Johnnie Walker brogue

Unlike other hidden booze gadgets, these shoes are a more refined and distinguished way to sneak in some booze when it’s unauthorized. They look exactly like a regular pair of iconic Oxford Style Brogue shoes, but they’ve been reworked to hide a mini bottle of booze. The stylish shoes feature good looks like a custom embroidery, red suede lining in the secret booze heel compartment and a unique striding man tattoo at the back of the shoe. There’s even a transparent top piece that reveal the hidden whisky bottle from below.

Limited Edition

oliv4Oliver Sweeney x Johnnie Walker brogue

An because any gentleman likes what others don’t have, the Johnnie Walker Oliver Sweeney Brogue shoes are limited edition, so only a few select men in the world will have them, which means you’ll be the only cool guy at any occasion.

Top Quality

Each pair of these eye-catching, booze-hiding brogues are made in Italy using only premium goods like a calf leather upper, leather sole and leather lining, as well as hand-stitched detailing (the letters “JW” are stitched on the rear of the shoe).

If you’re looking for a sweet pair of new dress shoes with a hidden bonus of being a walking liquor cabinet, then pre-order your pair of Johnnie Walker Oliver Sweeney Brogue for $489, with deliveries taking place in February. 

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