OLED65E8PUA Review

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Updated January 19, 2023
90 Expert Rating

For the best-sounding TV on the market, check out the LG OLED65E8PUA. Its Dolby Atmos technology is cinema-quality audio. It’s the perfect addition to any smart home, with Google Assistant built-in. And the ThinQ AI makes a better Ultra HD experience.

Why We Like It – OLED65E8PUA

From LG Electronics, the OLED65E8PUA is a solid 65-inch flatscreen TV with incredible sound quality and a thin glass design. Better than older LED LCD TVs, Organic LED TVs best make beautiful picture quality, and the LG E8 has 8.3 million individually lit pixels and perfect black levels. An additional model you can check out is the LG OLEDC9PUA.

  • Google Assistant built-in and easy to set up
  • Supports multiple 4K high dynamic range formats
  • Thin glass design
  • Hard to wall mount
  • Amazon reviews say picture gets burnt in


With 4K Ultra HD, the LG E8 OLED has possibly the best picture on the market. (OLED TVs have darker picture quality and more contrast compared to QLEDs, like the Samsung Q80R.) Its ThinQ AI technology has 8.3 million individually lit pixels that can brighten, dim, or power off completely to achieve perfect black levels and absolutely amazing contrast and picture quality. Its LG ThinQ AI technology supports popular high dynamic range formats like Dolby Vision and HDR Content, and its A9 Intelligent Processor provides truly lifelike images in brilliant color. If you don’t want an OLED TV, the LG 65SK8000PUA is a good option and has great picture quality and audio as well. The Samsung Q9F offers a QLED screen and incredible picture quality at a hefty price but also has a guarantee against burn-in. Additionally, if you are interested, you can read our comparison of LG vs Samsung 65-inch TVs.


The LG E8 OLED TV has built-in speakers with Dolby Atmos, the same digital audio used in movie theatres. The audio actually sounds like it’s moving around you, like a plane flying overhead. Amazon reviews say the sound is excellent for a flatscreen TV, but many preferred using an external soundbar. But if you don’t want to pay for an extra stereo system, the Dolby Atmos is more than sufficient. Compare its sound quality to another TV review: LG CX OLED.

Smart Features

The LG OLED E8 is one of the best smart TVs, with AI ThinQ technology. It has the Google Assistant built right into the TV, meaning you can control smart home devices with just your voice. It also works with Amazon Alexa devices, but the Alexa must be purchased separately. With its built-in wifi and ethernet port, you can search for your favorite TV shows on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Sling, or any streaming service your family uses. Amazon reviews LG as easy to set up and connect, even for people who aren’t so tech-savvy. If you would prefer a TV that uses Android TV instead, the Sony XBR-A1E OLED is a good option.


This LG TV has incredible connectivity, with 4 HDMI ports and 3 USB ports. This is more HDMI ports than the LG UN7300 so keep that in mind if you love tech. You can hook up your Blu-Ray, cable box, wireless keyboard, flash drive, and multiple gaming consoles simultaneously. It also has a built-in channel tuner and Bluetooth capability.


The LG OLED65E8PUA is fairly expensive but much less than the LG OLED E9. You definitely get what you pay for, with the sound quality you’d hear in the movie theatres, and no need to pay extra for an external stereo system. It also includes a Magic Remote with voice control and Google Assistant built-in, so you already have savings for your smart home. If you’re concerned about OLED screen burn-in, this issue is possible, but it’s happening much less frequently as OLED technology’s improved over recent years.


One of the best TVs for sound, LG E8 has fantastic sound and picture quality. It has a powerful A9 processor that enhances sharpness and color quality. Its biggest drawback is the price, meaning you’ll want to check out other best TV reviews to find the TV deals perfect for your budget.