OKI Data 62439301 C711wt Review

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Updated November 19, 2022
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Many people who own a printing shop or for office use look for the best printer for heat transfers. If you really need performance, the OKI C711WT laser printer is a perfect option for you. It features digital 4 LED full-color electrophotographic printing technology that provides high-quality printouts at a very fast printing speed and has support for heat transfer paper. If you know what an LED printer is, you’ll also know it’s very similar to a laser printer in case you’d like another printer option.

Why We Like It – OKI Data 62439301 C711wt

The OKI Data 62439301 C711WT is still one of the best heat transfer printers for high-volume color printing, even though it was released more than seven years ago. The price point might turn some heads, especially after looking at cheaper digital transfer printers. But the pricing is along the line of a standard high-volume color printer in this range. Alternatively, if you just need a single-function monochrome printer, then check out the Lexmark B2236DW.

  • Digital 4 LED full-color electrophotographic printing technology
  • Up to 600 x 1200 DPI print resolution
  • 33 PPM color, 35 PPM monochrome print speed
  • Way too high power consumption can go up to 1300 watts


This printer can print out high res media very fast. From a cold boot, it takes about a minute to start. But, if you keep it in the “power save” (standby mode) state, that time gets almost slashed to half (about 35 seconds). From that point, after you send your desired content using digital transfer methods, the first printout always takes longer to come out. If it uses the color laser at first, no matter the printing color, it takes about nine seconds for the first color printing. In the case of mono, it takes about eight seconds for the first printout. After that, the print speed comes at 33 PPM (Pages Per Minute) for color and 35 PPM for mono.

Print Quality

For a high-volume color printer, 600 x 1200 DPI max print resolution is pretty good. The physical dot pitch is 600 DPI. And you get the following options to choose from in terms of resolution: 600 x 600 DPI, 600 x 600 DPI (4 levels), and 600 x 1200 DPI. If you don’t care about the high volume aspect of the OKI Data C711wt, but need higher resolution printouts, go for the wide format Epson Artisan 1430 instead.

Print quality is important, but, is it worth buying the latest printer model just to get the best quality? Honestly, you can do well with a lower-priced printer and still get great quality. What it boils down to is the use of printer ink and finding a printer that has the longest-lasting ink cartridges. That’s where the ultimate savings lie.


This is a place where the OKI Data C711wt starts to show its age quite a bit. The maximum power consumption can reach 1300 watts on this color printer if you are continually printing out demanding printouts (e.g., photo panels), making the white toner and the color laser work overtime. The average power consumption is around 600 watts during operation. And while idling, it consumes 100 watts by itself. The Power Save mode and the Deep Sleep mode power consumptions are 15W and 1W, respectively. Newer heat transfer printers like the Epson WF7710 Workforce Wireless Printer consume much less power.

Advanced Features

It doesn’t have WiFi support, so you can not transfer media wirelessly. But it’s supposed to be a “buy once and forget about it” type of reliable printer, so it makes sense that it only has ethernet input. You get the following ports on it: 100BASE-TX/10BASE-T Ethernet RJ45, USB 2.0 (High Speed), and IEEE1284-1994 Bi-directional Parallel. If you really need a printer capable of printing color printouts with WiFi for cheap, get the Epson Expression Photo HD XP-15000.


The OKI Data 62439301 C711wt is a reliable white toner printer. Considering how old it is, you’d expect it to be sold for cheaper. But, even though a third-party seller sells it, you get free shipping. So overall, the OKI Data 62439301 C711wt is worth it.

OKI Data 62439301 C711wt Wrap Up

The OKI Data 62439301 C711wt is a great printer for professional workspaces that need high-volume color printers. The support for heat presses really comes in handy in this case.

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