OFM Core Collection Modern Fabric Upholstered Office Chair Review

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Updated November 17, 2022
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The OFM Core office chair is a little different from what most of the office chairs out there look like, but this doesn’t mean that the chair is in any way less capable of being of great service to you. The upholstered office chair is only available in the color gray and is pretty stylish for anyone who has an eye for minimalist design. The chair also comes with a removable seat cushion, so whether or not you want to enjoy the added comfort that comes with it is totally up to you. Stay tuned as we go ahead and find out if it’s got what it takes to be the best office chair for tailbone pain or whether it’s just another office chair that doesn’t have that much to talk about.

Why We Like It – OFM Core Collection Modern Fabric Upholstered Office Chair

The OFM Core Collection Modern Fabric Upholstered Office Chair is a different example of what you ought to go for, especially if you’re looking to get something that stands out and will match your office decor.

  • Removable seat cushion
  • Padded armrests
  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty
  • No massage function


This OFM Core collection modern fabric upholstered office chair looks really attractive, but in terms of lumbar support, the Herman Miller Aeron Office Chair has a lot more to offer. The OFM Core Collection office chair doesn’t really have any built-in mechanism to help take care of your back, but if you don’t have any problems with your spine, then it would be a good chair to get for yourself. For two more options by this brand, check out our OFM chair review and our OFM Essentials Collection armless leather desk chair review.


Unlike the BossOffice Products task chair, this OFM core collection modern fabric computer chair comes with a removable seat cushion, so you’ll be able to take it off whenever you feel as though you’d rather sit on the chair as it is. The chair itself isn’t really hard, so you shouldn’t find it difficult to sit on without the cushion. In most cases, the fabric upholstered chair’s gray color should not conflict with your home office setup or even the rest of your home decor because grey is known to be a neutral color.


As a modern fabric upholstered office chair, issues to do with adjustability are well addressed, so you shouldn’t have any problems with adjusting the OFM core chair to fit your preferences. The chair’s height adjustability ranges from 38 inches to 41.1 inches, and its swivel tilt functionality allows for you to find the perfect position to work in and have it locked in. But, if you’re looking to customize this chair, you’ll want to read our article on how to remodel an office chair.


The breathability that you’ll get out of this fabric upholstered office chair is not as good as what you’d get from a mesh office chair like the Ticova Ergonomic Office Chair, but it is way better than what you’d experience if you went for a leather chair. The upholstered fabric is pretty similar to cloth, so you shouldn’t expect the chair to get warmed up too much even after sitting on it for hours.


If you’ve been looking for something other than the normal leather or mesh back office chair, then you might be pretty impressed with the OFM Core Collection modern upholstered office chair cushioned seat alternative. The chair is pretty easy to assemble, has a chrome base, and comes with a limited lifetime warranty for all damaged parts.

OFM Core Collection Modern Fabric Upholstered Office Chair Wrap Up

This gray office chair from OFM keeps things nice and simple, while maintaining a fairly high standard of quality. Because of that, the chair has received generally positive customer reviews on Amazon, and this goes to show the kind of experience you should expect to have once you buy it.

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