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Office Wobble Stool Chair, Standing Desk Chair Review

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Updated December 2, 2020
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The Office wobble stool chair is probably the most comfortable standing desk chair that you’re going to encounter, and this is thanks to a 2 inch thick seat that’s made out of a breathable mesh fibre. The ergonomic office stool promotes active sitting in a way that you’ll be able to perch near standing height, and it’s saddle seat also comes with an easy grip handle that allows you to easily relocate it. It’s also very easy to adjust the height of this office wobble stool, as all you’ll have to do is press one or both of the buttons that are the base of the saddle seat, and raise it up or down to your preferred height. Are these features enough to make it the best standing desk chair around? Sit tight and we’ll help you find out.

Why We Like It – Office Wobble Stool Chair, Standing Desk Chair

The Office Wobble Stool Chair, Standing Desk Chair from Living Essentials is one ergonomic office chair that can also do pretty well as a bar stool, a kitchen stool or even part of your home office setup. The active sitting balance chair has a comfortable seat that lets you perch near standing height, and with a weight capacity of up to 300 pounds, there aren’t many people that it won’t be able to accommodate.

  • Easy to assemble
  • 300 pound weight capacity
  • 2 inch thick seat cushion
  • Only available in 2 colors


There’s no back support available on this ergonomic office stool, but you will be able to strengthen your core & abdominal muscles while also relaxing your shoulder muscles as you continue to use this standing desk chair. The Flash Furniture Mid-Back home office chair may actually be better suited to help you keep your back in check thanks to its curved backrest, but where the wobble chair beats it is on its adjustable height range. The active sitting chair has a seat height range of about 5.5 inches, while the Mid Back chair ranges about 3.5 inches.


As initially mentioned, the Office stool chair is quite comfortable compared to other standing desk chairs. It’s seat may not be as big as that of the Modway Veer Drafting Chair, but it’s premium molded foam does provide better comfort, and its anti slip base makes the stool wobble slightly more than the Seville Classics Airlift 360 Sit-Stand Adjustable Ergonomic Active Balance Non-Slip Desk Stool would. The standing desk stool also keeps you healthy by moving with you as you sit on it throughout the day, as it supports various sitting standing height positions and also allows for a 360 degree swivel.


This Office Wobble Stool chair from Living Essentials is very easily height adjustable, and all you’ll have to do is push the buttons at the base of the seat to raise or lower it. That’s the only element of the stool that you can adjust. The balance chair is able to tlt between 9 to 15 degrees, and its adjustable height range is between 27.56 inches to 37.79 inches above ground.


This adjustable height active sitting wobble chair has a very much breathable fabric, and this means the seat cushion won’t get warmed up very easily as you sit on it.


You’ll only be able to get this Office Wobble perching stool in the color black or grey, and these two options are likely to fit in well with any kind of home or office decor that you may have going on. The adjustable height active sitting stool is also very sturdy, as it is able to accommodate a maximum weight of up to 300 pounds.

Office Wobble Stool Chair, Standing Desk Chair Wrap Up

Whether you want to sit still, lean forward a little, or sit near standing height, this Office Wobble Stool chair from Living Essentials will let you do all that and more. The adjustable seat fits a large variety of users, and the adjustable wobble stool will allow for just the right amount of movement to keep you alert and productive throughout your work day.

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