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Updated February 20, 2023

Understanding product warranties is essential to exercising consumer right to their maximum strength. Whether it’s stated or not, every product comes with an expressed or implied warranty. Below, we’ll look into the Oculus warranty. Meta (formerly Facebook) offers a standard limited warranty on all Oculus VR equipment that states the company will fix or replace the device if any manufactural defects are found. However, it does not cover any accidental damages or cosmetic blemishes.


  • Meta’s Oculus VR equipment comes with a one-year limited warranty, guaranteeing Meta will fix or replace the equipment if it fails due to manufacturing defects or malfunctions.
  • To submit a claim under warranty, the device owner must go online, explain the issue, and wait on Meta to evaluate and contact them regarding the next steps.
  • The limited warranty does not cover the device for any accidental damages, normal wear & tear, theft/loss, or damage from misuse.

What to Know About the Oculus Quest Warranty

Most products come with a written warranty by the manufacturer. Whether for an entertainment device, like a PS5 controller warranty, or a household item, such as a Bissel warranty, these contracts guarantee that the manufacturer will replace your product if flaws exist because of the manufacturing process.

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Taking out an extended warranty plan also sustains the limited warranty service past its expiration date, meaning you can get your product fixed/repaired if any manufacturing issues arise.

For example, if the wires or controls aren’t working correctly, you can send back the headset. Then, if it’s established that the issue is due to manufacturing, Meta will either replace it or repair it for free.

Typically, these warranties are only active for a specific period. For the Oculus, Meta states that every VR headset is covered by its one-year warranty. After that year, their responsibility to replace the device no longer applies. Additionally, the warranty does not apply to cosmetic defects; this is common across all similar policies, like a Vizio warranty.

How to Use the Warranty

If you discover any defects in your products within the period where the limited warranty is still active, you can submit a request via an online support system at support.oculus.com. If you have never submitted a warranty check, you may have to make an account. The process is similar to other services, like the Apple warranty check.


Always keep your Oculus gear out of areas with high humidity. Moisture can damage the circuits and ruin the device if even a tiny amount of water gets in the circuitry.

After submitting the details of your product’s defect, Meta services will respond within a few days with the following steps regarding what to do with your equipment.

Limits of the Warranty

Many people mistake a warranty for an insurance policy, where the manufacturer will fix/replace the device if any accidental damage or loss occurs. Meta will not service the item for any of these causes, or normal wear and tear, under the basic warranty.

STAT: Meta acquired Oculus in 2014 for three billion dollars. (source)

You’ll have to go through a third party for additional insurance if you want an extended warranty covering accidental damages. Some third-party providers, like Upsie, Asurion, or SquareTrade, have comprehensive coverage plans. You can also take out an insurance plan from a specific store upon purchase, like BestBuy or Target.

Oculus Warranty FAQs

How much does an Oculus cost?

Depending on the model, Oculus gear costs between $300-$600.

When was the Oculus invented?

Oculus VR technology was founded in 2012 and later acquired by Facebook (now Meta).

Can I modify my Oculus?

You can, but be aware that any modifications you perform that permanently alter the device void the warranty. Then, Meta is no longer responsible for fixing/repairing any defects or malfunctions.
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