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Oakley Unveils Hovercraft Golf Cart, Cruises Over Hazards

God forbid Bubba circumnavigate the hazards whilst golfing.  Oakley, who has been on a cobranded tear lately, built this one of a kind golf cart, the BW1 Hovercraft.

It floats on 9-inches of rubber that is said to have a footprint pressure that is 33 times less than a human’s.  In other words, it should leave fairways, roughs, and sand hazards untouched.  However, that’s not really the goal of the BW1.

Oakley, who sponsors Bubba, has been looking for a way to better position the Oakley brand in regards to golf.  Give it some thought.  Think Golf and you probably think adidas, or some other obscure brand that eludes me, the non-golfer.

The video, embedded above, has gone viral and already amassed over 3 million views.   And while the intention was to elevate the Oakley brand, which it most certainly has, the company behind the hovercraft, Neoteric Hovercraft, has seen a massive lift in sales.  Moreover, the Hovercraft may become a mainstay at the Arizona club where the viral video was shot.

If you want one of your own, expect to shell out $50,000, which includes a number of customizations to make it golf course ready.

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