NuPlug: Add an AC Outlet and USB Ports to Your Couch or Bed

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Updated June 27, 2022


The traditional surge protector is a cumbersome piece of kit that by most accounts can be pretty unsightly.  They also have a tendency to move around, gather dust, and aren’t  a good resolve for those looking to streamline their work or living room environment.  Don’t get me wrong.  They’ve got their place behind home theater stands and those alike, but any thing beyond and they’re just aggravating to  look at. And most can’t be used outdoors like the best wifi outdoor outlet.

The nuplug is something akin to a powerstrip meets wall outlet.  Only instead of being a long mess of plugs, it is specifically designed to grip itself to furniture, making plugging in a laptop less about snaking cords and more about getting down to work.  There are also a set of USB ports for your 5V devices.  Who doesn’t need to charge their Android or iOS device by the couch as they watch TV?

Spec wise we’re looking at two 120v AC plugs, two 2.1amp USB ports, a grounded and surge protected box (with status lights), a 10ft cord paired with one of those flat plugs, and a clamp range (what it can fit around) of 1.625″.

As of now, the nuplug is in Kickstarter mode.  They have yet to hit their goal, but they’ve only been live for a few days, so there is a good likelihood they’ll succeed.


Christen da Costa Profile image