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NuLink Electric Inflation Decoration Review

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No one has all the time in the world to blow up 100 balloons (or more) with their breath or hand pump the same amount with their hands. After all, with electric blows, that primitive tool can be left in the past. And it just so happens the best balloon pump to do that is the NuLink Electric Inflation Decoration Air Pump.

Why We Like It – NuLink Electric Inflation Decoration

The ideal electric air pump, fitted with a dual nozzle design to inflate two balloons at once in under 3 seconds. It’s lightweight and automatic, so no hand-pumping necessary.

  • Has an automatic & semi-automatic modes
  • Can inflate a balloon in 3 seconds
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Not advised for items other than balloons
  • Doesn’t blow helium


It took us a good minute to inflate a single balloon without an electric balloon air blower, with breaks in between to avoid passing out. So, when we stuck a balloon on the nozzle of the NuLink Electric Portable Two Nozzle Air Pump, it was done in 3 seconds. It was easy balloon pumping. Of course, depending on the decoration party sporting event, it might take a second or two longer if you want bigger balloons. Like the IDAODAN Portable Electric Inflator Decorations, blowing up balloons was made easier with an automatic and semi-automatic mode. Say goodbye to hand pumps like the Tota 2 Way Action Balloon Pump For Balloons.


The NuLink Electric Inflation Decoration Air Pump is identical to the Yofit Portable Electric Inflator Decorations, except for one major difference: the Nulink weighs less. At 1.2 lbs, the NuLink Electric Portable Dual Nozzle Balloon Blower Pump Inflation device is more than half the weight of a Yofit Portable Electric Air Pump, making it even more portable than other air pumps on our list. It chose the color purple with appealing blue accents. Both nozzles can be used to inflate your balloon of choice—latex balloons and so on—but it’s limited to only balloons, not kitty pools or inflatable summer gear.


When you have hundreds of balloons to inflate, the NuLink Electric Inflation Decoration Air Pump makes what would’ve taken hours, only take minutes. With its dual nozzle action that blows up two balloons at a time, in 2-3 seconds is a godsend. It’s only $20 and free shipping is included, which means using it at a single party will make up for its value and then some. From performance to design and additional nozzles, the NuLink Electric Inflation Decoration Air Pump gets our seal of excellent value.

NuLink Electric Inflation Decoration Wrap Up

The lack of helium wasn’t a deal breaker for us, nor was the air pump’s limitation to balloons. There are hand-pumps that can do that. Being able to automatically inflate a balloon in 3 seconds or less was more than enough. And being lightweight and portable was the cherry on top. It was a great workhorse for every party.