Table lamps used to have bulbs but then they went to fluorescent and everybody cheered. But I’ve always found these types of lamps bulky to use, the fluorescent tubes too big and too easy to break (glass). Add in new reports that this kind of light can cause migraine headaches and you’d think it would be better to go without. Change that. Make it better to go with an LED desk lamp instead. Make that better to go with the NuGreen Desk Lamp, period. For your smartphone, take a look at our review of the Philips S10.

Let There Be Light

NuGreen hits all the rings of the target: the aluminum chassis is lightweight and its base is small so it doesn’t take up much room on a night table or wherever placed. That’s partly due to not having to be super heavy to keep the flexible neck from tipping over. Why is that? There’s no fluorescent tubes in the lamp’s head — instead there are LEDs that, while lighter than the tubes, put out plenty of light for reading or whatever you might want to do. As in a total of 50 LEDs all working in concert color balanced to make for a natural daylight “look” to your brain. The flexible neck twists 120 degrees so it can be aimed in the direction that serves best (and to minimize glare). Plus, since the LEDs don’t put out any heat, there’s no fear of touching a hot surface there or anywhere on the lamp.

Don’t Burn Me, Bro

Not getting hot is more important than you might think — because on the NuGreen there’s no tab or switch for turning on the light. Instead, there’s a red ring around the lamp’s base that’s always discretely lit. Touch this area anywhere beneath the ring and the LEDs start up pretty much instantly.

Inexpensive To Use

The NuGreen uses just 3.6 watts (hence: green) but even more to the point is the fact that the LEDs, which aren’t replaceable, are rated for 45,000 hours of use. By my reckoning, use the NuGreen Desk Lamp 6 hours a day, every day, and you won’t be worrying about getting a replacement for about 26 years. That’s some staying power!

Like the Sun But No UV

My wife took to the NuGreen almost from the moment she swapped it for the 60 watt reading lamp by her side of the bed. Her instant liking meant I could forget about my using the NuGreen at my computer desk. But I can always get another one from NewerTech since the $69.99 retail isn’t a budget-breaker.

Marshal Rosenthal

Marshal Rosenthal is a Los Angeles-based freelance writer and journalist specializing in technology, consumer electronics and pop culture.

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  1. The polished metal was a little hard on my eyes. I went with the Lightline 1250 by Lumiy which was offered in a pleasant white color and a bit less in price.

  2. The light does have a dimming capability. It’s not documented and I actually discovered it by accident while testing it out. If you touch and hold the power area (just below the red ring) it will dim; hold it again and it brightens. Try it. It certainly makes a huge difference. Cheers! Greg (The Gadget Guy)

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