NuForce NE-700X Earbud Review

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Updated July 5, 2022
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NuFoce NE 700X EarBuds


The NuForce NE-700X bill themselves as high-performance earphones designed for the discerning ears of audiophiles. Normally, I tend to be snobbish when it comes to headphone design, preferring something over-ear when it comes to enjoying sound quality, but the way the NE-700X earphones sound really blew me away, performing nearly as well as some of the higher-end headphones I’ve used over the years. Although, the Jays A-Jays have come very close.

With a sleek, bullet-like machined aluminum design and a wide variety of included rubber covers designed to match every taste and ear shape, the NE-700X earphones emphasize comfort while at the same time having a sturdy, quality build. While staying mostly out of sight and being small and easy to transport with the included pouch, there’s no denying that these earphones look and feel as great as advertised. Unfortunately, with the added sturdiness of the earphones comes some extra weight. During running or similar activity, the earphones may fall out easily if you’re not wearing them quite right at the time. For earphones that stay in place, you’ll want to check out our Shure SE215 review.

Getting into the actual sound of the earphones, the advertised audiophile quality is almost perfectly represented. The speakers don’t peak easily even with high volume, and the sound is crisp and sharp without sounding tinny. One complaint I will leverage is that the bass levels are very subdued and can be difficult to make out compared to the rest of the sound. This is a pretty common issue when it comes to earphones, but at the very least, the NuForce NE-700X don’t come off sounding odd as a result: The other levels are smartly tuned to keep the sound rich and full, but be prepared to notice something’s missing.

Because of this reason, I have a hard time buying fully into the claim that these are designed with music fanatics in mind. Bass may not be for everybody, and indeed if you don’t like its presence to dominate the sound, these earphones will sound great to you. Still, because the bass is audible enough without thumping, it feels off compared to most other audio equipment.

For a decent mid-range price, the NuForce NE-700X earphones offer pretty high-quality sound. If you want something that’s easy to carry around, fits in your ear, and sounds great, this is easily a model worth checking out. While not offering a top-shelf performance compared to some prominently marketed brands, NuForce offers only a slight dip in sound for a mere fraction of the competition’s cost. These aren’t likely to break or wear down over time, so they’re a solid choice for people engaging in outdoor activity. The cord is approximately 5 feet long, perfect for earphones this size. NuForce NE-700X earphones look great, and more importantly, sound great.


  • Lots of rubber covers offered to match any preferred design or ear shape
  • Strong, sleek design is built to last with machine aluminum chassis and titanium-coated driver
  • Good range of crisp, clear sound


  • Low bass levels with no natural adjusting features
  • Heavier earphone design make them somewhat prone to falling out if not inserted just right
  • Wire clip is relatively thin plastic, may not last under stress or repeated use

NuForce NE-700X Headphones are available on Amazon for $65.