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NuDock Lets You Charge Your Apple Watch With Style

If you bought an Apple Watch, you now have a problem: Where to charge it? While Apple has gone wireless, that still means you’ve got one more charger to add to your ever-growing pile of charger clutter. The NuDock desk lamp, though, not only clears up the clutter, it also allows you to get an extra battery into your pocket and use your iPhone while charging it up.

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The NuDock actually has a pretty straightforward design. Your iPhone and the portable battery the set comes with plug into one section of the lamp. The iPhone connector is case friendly, so you won’t have to break your phone out of your favorite case or disconnect anything to charge up your phone. Even better, it’s easy to access, say, your audio jack, if you’d like to connect something to your phone.

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Next to that is the watch charger. Just lay your watch on the stand, and the wireless setup will do the rest. Over the whole arrangement is an LED lamp to shine a little light on the proceedings, complete with a dimmer and a sleep function, and it’s all powered with a USB charger. Oh, and it looks good. That’s important.

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Yeah, $150 may seem like a bit much for a bedside lamp, but consider, for a moment, how many chargers are lying around your house at any given time. How many cables have you untangled? How many wall warts lurk deep within your junk drawer? Getting rid of all of that is worth any price, if you ask me, and the design is sleek and smart enough to look good while charging. And what more can you ask?

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